Types Of Roses Available In Flower Shops Newport Beach

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One thing that you need to know is that every flower has a story behind it. However, the rose is one flower that has a long history as well as color meaning. This type of flower that is available in Newport beach CA florists has been used for thousands of years to send out a message without any words. It has been a symbol of confidentiality.

No matter the color, the unique beauty and fragrance of the rose conveys a message that is meant to elicit delight from the recipient and a sense of envy from the people around. If you are searching for a way of adding some little sentiment to the silent message of affection, you need to understand the various colors of roses available in the flower shops in Newport Beach CA.

Types Of Roses Available In Flower Shops Newport Beach


This is a color that many people associate with love as Valentine day is usually painted with this color. Therefore, the red roses available in the Newport beach CA florists are mostly a symbol of enduring passion and romantic love. The color red in roses can also be used to show respect and the creative spirit associated with love. It is a representative of true love that is stronger than thorns.


White is a color that is a good representative of humility, innocence and purity. Commonly known as the bridal rose, it is usually associated with the young love.  The color white in the roses is available at the flower shops in Newport Beach CA and is also a symbol of reverence and truth. It sends out a message of loyalty.


During the Victorian times, the color yellow was used to symbolize jealousy. However, the color that is available in roses sold by florists in Newport  beach CA is a representation of gladness, warmth and affection.


 This is a color that symbolizes femininity, gentility, refinement and elegance. Depending on the hue of the color, pink can also be used to carry some additional meaning. The deep pink can convey appreciation and gratitude while the pale shade of the color can be used to connote gentleness and grace, happiness and admiration. You can buy pink roses from Newport Beach CA florists.

Types Of Roses Available In Flower Shops Newport Beach


This is another color that exudes warmth and a vibrant tone, symbolizing desire and enthusiasm. If you are searching for a way of expressing attraction and admiration- this color can also have an underlying message of excitement – consider this bouquet of flower with the fiery blooms.

Purple and lilac

Purple and lilac are also mystical in nature and have symbolism that is tied to desire, enchantment and the need to proceed cautiously. This is the reason why these two colors symbolizes first love and are a great option for the Valentine flowers.  

Multi-colored roses

There are instances when the different colors of roses are mixed. An example is when red is mixed with roses of other colors. These can be used to send an additional message. For instance, when yellow is combined with red, the roses can convey a message of happiness and gaiety. On the other hand, when white roses are mixed with red, these can symbolize unity.