Alternative Wedding Entertainment – Adding The ‘Wow’ Factor

Everybody loves a good wedding, but at the same time it’s rare to hear anyone telling of a wedding where the entertainment was genuinely great. You’re far more likely to hear about a singer who was ‘nice’ or a band that was ‘quite good’ but actually hearing someone genuinely raving about the entertainment at a wedding is rare to say the least.

Why is this the case? It’s simple really – the majority of standard entertainment options have been done to death time and time again to such an extent where they all blur into one. Or on other words, you expect there to be a nice singer or take for granted there will be a band, so it’s no surprise when they start playing the same songs you’ve heard at a hundred other weddings.

So if this is the case, what’s the solution for those looking to inject a genuine ‘wow’ factor into the wedding they’re organising? The answer is quite simple – take a step away from the cliché and try out something new and exciting that’s guaranteed to go down a storm with your guests.

Alternative Wedding Entertainment – Adding The ‘Wow’ Factor

Here’s a look at just five examples to give you an idea of what’s on offer:

1 – Comedians

First of all, the fact that weddings are the kinds of places were fun and laughter are mandatory make them the perfect places for comedians. These days, hiring top-tier comedians for events like these is easier and more affordable than ever before. Of course, the type of comedian that suits the wedding will be determined by the type of crowd in attendance and some comedians will always be better than others. Nevertheless, choose an established and reputable comedian with a great track record and chances are it’ll be a performance nobody will forget.

2 – Magicians

One of the less-explored and yet most effective alternative options of all is that of the wedding magician. Again, as a day that’s filled with wonder and amazement from start to finish, what better setting to put on a world-class magic show? What’s great about magic for weddings is the way in which such performances not only captivate and amaze the crowd, but also tend to be interactive. Whether it’s a case of the magician performing close-up tricks at each table or getting the crowd to join in with bigger tricks on-stage, it’s the kind of experience that’s guaranteed to transform an ordinary wedding into the truly extraordinary.

3 – Dance Class

Here’s a perfect suggestion to ensure that even those who usually don’t dance have no choice but to get up and have some fun – why not put on a dance class? These are becoming more and more popular for weddings all the time and basically involve one or more professional couples who demonstrate dance moves on stage and have the crowd in attendance copy them. From salsa to flamenco to jive and so many more dance style, it’s an absolutely brilliant way of making sure everybody gets stuck into the action and has a great time in the process. And of course, the fact that you go away with a few new dance steps in your repertoire is also a bonus!

4 – Dance Performances

Still on the same theme, it’s always worth considering switching out the usual wedding entertainment for a world-class dance show the likes of which will blow your guests away. These are also becoming extremely popular as alternative wedding entertainment options, with everything from classic Irish dancing to modern street dance and even ballet performances available. It’s a case of treating your guests to the kind of show that will not only entertain them, but perhaps inspire them to get up and hit the dancefloor themselves a little later on in the evening.

5 – Casino Games

Last but not least, when it comes to the various interactive delights that are ‘on the cards’ for a wedding, there’s really nothing out there that’s more apt than a few Vegas-style casino games. These days, it’s extremely popular for creative wedding planners to arrange for a few casino tables to be brought to the venue to allow those in attendance to play anything from roulette to craps to blackjack and more. Of course, most such games are all for fun and there’s no real money on the line…unless of course you want there to be…so it’s a case of fantastic fun and games for the whole family. You can even hire professional dealers for the day to complete the experience – an alternative to standard wedding entertainment your guests will not soon forget.