What Are The Dangers Of Steroid Usagein Body Building?

Anabolic steroids are commonly used in bodybuilding and fitness industry. There is no perfect steroid and almost all the steroids have one or the other side effect. Individuals who are taking steroids noticed significant difference in muscle size and stamina. Not only this, steroids give women the desired look and physique. Men who take steroids are overloading themselves with testosterone, an essential hormone for muscle growth and development.

If you want to know about the dangers of steroid usage, you will find numerous chronic side effects and health conditions. Men who tend to take steroids experienced feminine side effects such as breast enlargement, reduced sperm production, infertility and so on. Some of these risk last upto 4-6 month after stopping. There may also be risk of developing permanent infertility if taken in high doses for long period.


Another side effect of steroid is acne, as steroids increase the oil gland secretions in skin, which outbreaks in the form of acne. The steroids increase oil gland secretion in the skin, which makes acne outbreak severe.The physical side effects of steroids in men are – breast enlargement, male pattern baldness, shrinking of testicles, infertility, low production of testosterone etc. On the contrary, the side effects of steroid in women are –decreased breast size, menstrual irregularities, enlarged clitoris, increased sex drive. The possible side effects in both men and women are –mood swings, stunted growth, aching joints, kidney damage, bad breath, jaundice, etc.

There is some uncertainty about the long term side effects of steroids. There is lack of scientific data, but according to certain reports, users have noticed liver, heart and prostate problems. The physical effects of steroids may be varied and should be taken seriously. The steroids make you big and strong, but will leave their shade on you. You may experience a few side effects even after stopping them. Very few people possess the requisite traits to become champion builder. You have to be born with right bodily proportions to give you superior leverage. Training can change up to some extent, but if you want long term benefits it is better to use steroids in recommended dosage.

For those who seem to have right genetics, I would still dissuade from risk of anabolic steroids. It is true that most of the body builders seem to recover from the side effects of anabolic steroids after discontinuing them. There has not been much research on long term effects. If you have some kind of disease that steroids would aggravate it, then it is better to avoid them. You can always try different steroids. Be sure to start with a small dosage and increase it gradually. If an individual abuse drugs, it is because of the undesirable effects that must be minimized.

Doctors will tell you the most efficient ways to use drugs, and get rid of the side effects. Anabolic steroids are those that involve synthesis of protein for repair and growth of muscles. If you want to reduce the symptoms of steroids, you should follow a strict diet and workout schedule.