Choosing A Tennis Ball Machine

As the owner of a small gym or sports facility with
tennis facilities, a tennis ball machine is a necessary investment. Of course, many tennis
players will use your facility to practice with a partner, but having a ball machine helps you to accommodate people whose partner couldn’t make the practice, as well as people who simply prefer to practice on their own. Because a tennis ball machine is an important investment for your business and an asset to your patrons, it is of utmost importance that you choose one carefully, ensuring that it’s the right one for you.
Not all tennis ball machines are the same. Different brands often tend to possess different qualities, and even within the same brand, different models are made with different purposes and skill levels in mind. Of course the more you spend, the more likely you are to get a top quality machine with lots of features, so before you even start looking to buy a tennis ball machine, you should figure out how much you can afford to spend on one.

High Equipment, Higher Customers

Of course, as any business owner knows, dropping large amounts of cash on an item can be a tough decision, especially when there are many models of tennis ball machines available for relatively cheap. However, spending more money on a high quality model might end up being a better investment. A machine with more features and controllable functions (such as speed and angle) might attract more customers to your sports facility, thereby bringing in more revenue.
Someone who is serious about tennis probably won’t be interested in practicing at a tennis court that only has a flimsy tennis ball machine that can’t be adjusted to their personal and training needs. You will bring in a lot more traffic if you can accommodate a wider variety of customers.
Additionally, a lot of cheaper machines are really intended for more personal use, and not the type of heavy use you would see in a public sports facility. Because of this, many cheaper machines will breakdown with overuse, and will need to be serviced and repaired much more frequently. In those cases, the amount of money spent on repairs often exceeds the price difference between a cheaper a machine and a more expensive, high quality one, so it’s probably more worth your while to just go for the better machine in the first place.

Deciding on the Features

Once you’ve decided how much you are willing to invest in the purchase of a tennis ball machine, it’s time to decide which model (or models) is best for you. If you are buying more than one model, it’s probably best to stick with the same brand and dealer, as that will probably make servicing the machines more cost effective.
In the interest of serving as many customers as possible, you should probably consider going for a machine that has some adjustable features, namely angle and speed. Being able to adjust the angle will accommodate players of different heights, and will offer them the opportunity to sharpen their hand eye coordination as they learn to hit the ball at different angles.
Having an adjustable speed feature is highly valuable, because it allows players to progress as they practice. A novice tennis player can begin at a lower speed to get used to hitting the ball, and as they progress and sharpen their skills, it is important that they continue to challenge themselves by increasing the speed of the ball. This helps tennis players to improve their reflexes and coordination, and will prepare them for higher levels of competition.

If you own or manage a sports facility with tennis courts, a tennis ball machine isn’t just a nice accessory; it’s a must have. If you have tennis courts at your facility, your customers will expect that they will have access to tennis ball machines so that they may improve their skills and practice on their own without a partner. By providing your tennis player customers with an opportunity to practice and improve their game, you will be securing long-term customers who will provide you with repeat business.

By providing your customers with top quality facilities to practice and play tennis, you will be helping to build a positive reputation for your entire sports center.

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