Almora Tourism – A Travel Guide To One Of The Most Pristine Destinations

The quiet hill station under the clouds of Uttarakhand showcasing nature’s beauty at its best is a small hill station town called Almora. The less heard off holiday destination as compared to its peers, Almora promises an experience to remember!

Almora Tourism - A Travel Guide To One Of The Most Pristine Destinations

Almora is a Godsend place. Well known for its rich social legacy, special crafted works, luxurious food and radiant untamed life, combined with a simple openness, Almora guarantees its sightseers a visit loaded with extraordinary fun. The hill station is amongst the most under rated place in India in terms of its beauty and the experience it offers to its visitors. If you wish to visit this pristine hill station, here are somethings you may want to know ahead of your travel.

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How do I reach?
Almora is about 370 km from the national capital, New Delhi. The best way to approach Amora is to reach New Delhi by flight and then hop on a Delhi to Almora taxi which will take you about 8 hours to reach. You can also fly to the Dehradun airport which is also about the same distance from Almora but for general convenience sake, except for the people staying in Dehradun, the approach from New Delhi proves to be more practical.

What is the best time to visit?
Almora is a delightful visit any time of the year. The most pleasant time to visit, climatically, will be just after the spring season. It is pleasant enough to make you bask in the sun in the morning with a cup of hot tea or coffee and sport a nice hand knitted sweater in the evening for a stroll in the woods.

Almora Tourism - A Travel Guide To One Of The Most Pristine Destinations

What are the things to do?
If, just lounging on the open lawns and admiring the natural beauty that lay in front of your eyes are not enough, Almore offers much more sightseeing to its visitors which will be a delight to anyone. From wildlife sanctuaries and a large array of temples arranged across the hill station, there is not a moment of idleness you will encounter during your stay in Almora. The temples are some of the most notable ones and the wildlife sanctuary houses over 200 types of birds and a huge assortment of animal species, both rare and common ones. As you explore your way across the hill station, you can also take some time out and witness the locals weaving handlooms making hand woven Himalayan woolens and shawls.  

Where do I stay?
Almora offers pretty good accommodation options. Hotels ranging from budget, mid range to luxury hotels are all available. You will need to contact the local tour guides for a homestay. If you have made your room booking online, then you can head over straight to your hotel as you arrive by your Delhi to Almora taxi, settle down, freshen up and then head out for a quick look of the hill station!