The 5 Best Practices For Achieving Mobile Security

The 5 Best Practices For Achieving Mobile Security

The advancing technology of today’s mobile phones has improved the lives of many people across the globe. Unfortunately, this added convenience comes with the risk of being scammed, hacked or both. On the bright side, there are simple yet effective ways to prevent these unfortunate things from happening.

1. Mobile Phones need Anti-Malware Too

Many people believe that their mobile phones are exempted from viruses and malware. The cold, hard truth is that mobile phones, just like laptops and computers, are vulnerable to viruses, especially when on the internet. Therefore, it would be wise to get some kind of antivirus. Many different antivirus and anti-malware software are being developed for all kinds of mobile devices.

2. Secure Mobile Connections

Getting a virus isn’t the only thing that one must worry about while on their mobile device. They can be spied or snooped on as well. A majority of experts recommend encrypting communications with specific software. If one really wants privacy, then they can get a VPN connection for their mobile phone. Global Learning Systems, a well trusted security company, recommends the use of VPN and other software as well.

3. Strong Authentication Passwords

Most people today have passwords set on their mobile phones. However, this isn’t enough. Experts today recommend setting multiple authentication passwords. For instance, certain apps, contact lists, and other “software” contain private information. As a result, there should be a password set for them too. In extreme case, some mobile devices wipe out their internal information when a person enters an incorrect password too many times.

4. Watch for Unknown Wi-Fi Hot Spots

It’s very easy for a person to hack one’s mobile device when they are connected through a Wi-Fi hot spot. One should always disable their phones Bluetooth when they are going into public places.

5. Avoid Third Party Software

Third party software is usually used as an extra avenue for communication between mobile devices. The benefits are extra, convenient features and quicker communication time, among other things. However, one can easily hack, spy or obtain private information from one’s phone by using this software. Never use third party software.

These five tips will dramatically increase the security of one’s mobile phone or device. However, there are many other things that one can do to protect their mobile device even more. Applying these tips will go a long way in maintaining financial and personal security.