Why You Must Attend The New Year's Eve In Berlin Between Brandenburger Tor And Siegessäule

The outstanding event which is held in one of the world’s most famous and beautiful street hosts over 1 million visitors every year. With over 500 journalists from all parts of the world as well as 350 international and national TV channel, the event is without doubt one of the largest events in the world.
The event is celebrated in an area of two kilometers, which is equivalent to a space of about 80,000 meters squared. It is beamed live on video screens and there is a fully operational media center. Some of the special features that are in the carnival include party tents, light & laser performances and food & refreshments stands. However, the event’s ultimate highlight is a midnight firework which can only be described as spectacular.
The party event which is held in Berlin has a stage program which is varied including international music superstars, famous pop and rock bands together with live acts. Various DJs who are supported by radio and TV partners provide a permanent entertainment that is suited to the taste of different groups until dawn.
Incase, you would like to attend the event in Germany; you should travel to Brandenburger Tor, which is in Berlin. In German, the New Year is known as Sylvester. This name is after a pope who it was believed healed cancer. One good thing is that admission to the party is absolutely free. There are no limitations of taking along children, although it is not recommended. Since there is no parking space, it is suggested that you should take the public transit that runs through the night.
Even though the event is the most famous party in Germany, there are still other people who prefer to celebrate at their homes and restaurants. The restaurants are usually noisy and overcrowded since the residents of the town like spending time with their families and friends. They enjoy dancing and party hard with lots of loud music and drinking. A famous tradition at the party involves dropping some molten leads into some cold water. It is believed that you can know your future from the shape that is usually created. Incase, it forms the shape of a heart or ring, then it means you would have a wedding while the shape of a ship indicates a journey. Another tradition involves leaving a bit of food on the New Years Eve in order to enjoy plenty in the New Year.
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