Apps- Restyling The World

With the advancement in the technology, mobile phones came into the picture. From the last decade, the use of mobile phones has increased incessantly.

Even if it is morning alarm, booking flights, hotels, paying bills, or routine work; mobile phones and apps can be employed in every area of our life and business.

Mobile phones are cheaper in price comparatively and easy to own. They have secured their places not only into our personal lives but also in the business stream.

A few years back, mobile was just a medium to communicate. But at present, the whole scenario has been transformed to the nth degree. Smartphones are the first thing that we carry with us while traveling and try to constantly stay in touch with the world.

However, consider the fact that it’s not the mobile phones/smartphones that have changed our lives; instead it’s those tiny icons that have been designed for the utmost utilization of smartphones.

With the advent of smartphones, came the demand for creating apps for them in bulk with different purposes. The whole world is remodeled for people due to apps everywhere; multiple apps for one purpose!

Apps have brought a revolutionary change in the life of people. Apps have pacified people to complete their chores instantaneously. All this has been made possible by App developers who aspired to change dreams and desires of people into reality.

Smartphones are empowered with the capabilities of phones, computers, and games. Besides the ordinary tasks, the extraordinary functionalities of this gadget have taken over the minds and hearts of people.

It’s all about app

The market is so much flooded with transportation and online shopping apps that people find it difficult to choose one. Shopping apps appease people by delivering the items at home only. Apart from this, transportation apps facilitate users to call cabs anytime-anywhere and also track the whole route.

Apps like Waze work as a nifty tool during road trips as they cautiously signal drivers about speed limits, road blockages, speed traps and congestion in advance.

Booking hotels are now as easy as ABC. Apps such as Airbnb offer people to rent apartments, rooms within an apartment or even have the choice to stay with a host family.

Further, the e-newspapers keep you aware about the world 24 by 7 through the smartphones. Another pleasant change that is observed is in the banking field. People can easily track expenses through the banking apps, and transfer money with the blink of an eye. All the leading banks have their apps to empower the banking process in order to strengthen the business economy.

With apps and mobile phones getting smarter, enterprises are getting more dynamic and employees are therefore more productive, happy and efficient.

Apart from all these advantages, apps have shown their charisma in healthcare also. Imagine you have gone for encampment and you got a rash? It’s apparent that you won’t get a doctor over there but if you have any healthcare app, you can connect in no time with a doctor to take advice. It does not require anymore that patients and doctors should share same physical location.

That’s how apps have nailed it in every nook and cranny. Apps are undoubtedly beneficial for us.

However, the controverting fact is that apps are being considered a major reason for the lack of face to face communication. The increase in the communication gap has led to disputes in families, resulting in messed up relationships.

It’s an alarming question! Think sincerely; are apps changing the world for betterment or ruination?

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