Can Mobile Technology Make Learning More Fun?

In recent years, many schools across the globe are integrating mobile technology for student education. With mobile technology, students have more opportunities to learn and many parents feel that by using mobile devices, students have more fun with the learning process. Mobile devices such as tablets, notebooks, netbooks and more can easily be integrated into a program and used as an asset for learning.

Internet Use

Students already use the internet at home and in schools. Adding a mobile device for school use, with restricted internet access, can allow a student to easily complete assignments and have fun while doing it. Reports, assignments and essays are just small example of what students can complete with a laptop, netbook, tablet or other mobile device.

 While most parents see the use of technology as a benefit, some wonder how schools will keep students from goofing off online. Schools have the option of offering connections via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and placing restrictions so students cannot visit such sites as Facebook. Studies have also found that students simply like having access to the internet instead of viewing a textbook or listening to a long drawn out speech from their teacher.

Benefits of Such Devices in School

There are many benefits of using mobile devices in school curriculum. Students become curious to use the device during school time and for assignments so they will actually do the work. Current events are easily accessed so students can stay in the know as to what is going on in their area and debates can easily be started in class.

Reading is encouraged with mobile devices and students can quickly download reading materials and use the device to read the required subject matter in seconds. Many different subjects can be integrated to a mobile device including:




Foreign Language

Social Studies

And more

Age Range for Mobile Device Use

Most schools that have integrated this technology use the mobile devices with high school grades 9th to 12th. This age range tends to be more responsible with the devices. In most schools, grant money is used to purchase the devices and students must pay a fee to use the device and remain responsible if the item is lost, stolen or damaged. This means that not only will students learn from the device but they will also have to practice responsibility.

Popular forms of technology

For the most part, the most popular form of technology used in schools is a tablet. Tablets are easy to hold and carry, as well as store when not in use. Most tablets are slim and light in nature and cost less than a notebook or laptop. Schools have found that students can use tablets easier and more popular than a laptop. A tablet is similar to a cell phone and school age students love touch screens and the features of this form of technology.

A new age is upon us and it may be sooner rather than later that students begin to strictly use technology instead of hard copy for education.  Students crave the technology and education is definitely more enjoyable for those who have the latest technology.

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