Match Your Wine With Your Indulgent Meals

When you want to treat yourself at the end of the working week, one of the most popular things that people do is go and get a takeaway, as this means that they will be able to sit and relax with their family in front of the television, which is something that they might not get the chance to do during the week. However, no matter which takeaway you choose to order in, it is important that you have the best possible drink to go alongside it. The great news is that there is a wine to go with every type of food that you can buy, meaning that the perfect drink is certainly out there for you. This article will help you to decide upon which wine to choose for your takeaway, leaving you able to focus on simply enjoying the evening that you have ahead of you.

The Traditional Chippy Tea

If you were brought up in the UK, then chances are you were well used to having fish and chips on a Friday evening when you were a child. This is something that many people still like to do, and this meal can be made even better by adding salt and vinegar to the chips, and lemon juice to the fish. The best drink to go with this is champagne, but don’t worry if this is not something that you can afford. Something cheaper like Prosecco, or even Cava, would go just as well, so this means that you don’t have to worry about spending your week’s wages all in one go!

Chinese Takeaway

This is one of the most popular meals that people choose to take out, and the best thing to go with this is a white wine. It can truly complement the mixture of flavours that is involved in Chinese cuisine, however you should make sure that the wine isn’t too dry, or there is the risk that it will taste a little bit sour in comparison to the sweetness of the Chinese food.

BBQ Kebab

Match Your Wine With Your Indulgent Meals

Anything that comes off a BBQ will certainly taste the best with a red wine – and the stronger the better. It has to be fruity so that it can go with the flavours of the kebab, so by choosing a strong red wine you can be sure that all of the flavours will fuse together in exactly the right way.


This can be a little difficult, as there are a range of flavours in a curry, however you should find that a rich Chardonnay can cope with all of the flavours, and blend with them effortlessly to create a taste explosion that you can enjoy. If you only have mild curries, then something a little lighter would work well.

No matter what type of takeaway you get, it is clear to see that there is a wine for every occasion. This means that all you have to do is place your order, and you will then be free to enjoy your food and wine, not to mention the rest of your evening!