The best mask for face skin at home gelatin and activated charcoal

mask for face skin at home gelatin and activated charcoal

Each housewife has a food gelatin in the kitchen, which we add for preparing a wide variety of recipes. However, few of us know that on the basis of this product you can make mega-useful face masks with your own hands. This is the best means for caring for the face, which renders the facial skin restored. Home face masks are notable for their low cost and efficiency. Plus, they do not have any contraindications, since a natural mixture cannot do harm.

mask for face skin at home gelatin and activated charcoal

Please note that gelatin and the activated charcoal mask is effective and has tightened, smoothing, softening and brightening properties. Also with her help to cleanse the face of sebum, dust, and dirt. It penetrates deep into the pores and has a momentary effect. Such a universal mask is recommended for use by persons aged from twenty-five years. Keep reading

Face mask with gelatin and activated charcoal should be selected, coming out of the needs of your skin. Folk recipes contain many variations of its cooking at home. We will present to your attention the most effective and useful. You can prepare such a tool yourself, using the recommendations.

Recipes for home face masks with gelatin

Gelatin and activated charcoal for the face is an indispensable, anti-aging remedy with which you can get rid of many problems. It does not matter what exactly interests you: classic, tonic mask or gelatin from black dots, the effect will exceed all your expectations. However, for this, you need to learn how to apply the mask correctly and cook it at least three times a week. You can find more about face mask here.

Mask with gelatin and activated charcoal

Result: if you want to use gelatin for skin rejuvenation, choose a recipe with activated charcoal. Such a tool perfectly helps against black points, draws dirt from the pores and prevents the appearance of rashes and acne. Gelatin and activated charcoal will cleanse your face of tumors in one to two weeks.


  • Apple juice (if the skin is dry, use milk instead of this ingredient) – 0.5 cups;
  • Ordinary activated charcoal that is sold in a pharmacy – two tablets;
  • Food gelatin – one tablespoon.

Preparation and method of application: pound the tablet into powder and mix it with juice and glycerin. Put the product on the steamed skin, keep the mixture for about twenty minutes, until it dries completely. Wash off with warm water.

Mask with gelatin from black points

The result: it helps the face from wrinkles and has cleansing actions. Cleaning the face with gelatin is qualitative, as the substance penetrates deep into the pores and pushes out the dirt.


  • Food gelatin – one spoon;
  • Activated charcoal – one tablet;
  • Lemon juice – two spoons.

Preparation and method of application: gelatin is dissolved in water, cook on low heat to make it swell. Add the tablet powder and fresh juice to the substance. Apply to cleansed skin for fifteen minutes.