Did You Check Your Spleen Size

The spleen is regarded as the one of the most important body organs that provide immunity to our body by fighting with fatal diseases spleen is located on the left side of our body just below the rib cage several dangerous bacteria and related waste products are washed away from our body by spleen besides, spleen plays pivotal role in producing red blood cells and different antibodies in our body that makes us stronger enough to fight germs and diseases. Spleen helps our body to dispose of mature red blood cells and in maturing newly born red blood cells.
Shape of spleen varies from person to person but its size is usually 4 inches in an adult the weight of spleen various from 5.3 oz. To 7.1. In a healthy person the size and shape of spleen also vary among children but mostly, children up to 6 months have spleen size of 6.5cm. Children’s spleen grows for 0.5cm inn the next 6 months. Children up to an age of z years have the spleen size of 8cm. The spleen increases an inch more for the next 2 years. The spleen of the children enlarges to the size of 12cm up till an age of 15 years. The spleen of the male child grows an inch further in next 5 years.
There are many disorders that affect the functioning of spleen badly but enlarged spleen is fatal for human health because it can damage the human immune system badly. Splenomegaly is the term used for the enlarged spleen that exceeds to its normal size. Enlargement of spleen occurs either through some liver disease or a certain kind of cancer. It is not possible for a doctor to feel normal spleen in routine check up but an enlarged spleen in felt by doctor in check up. It is easy to feel spleen of thin patient.
In some cases enlarged spleen does not show any system but in most of the cases, there are some systems of an enlarged spleen. Firstly, the patient feels as if the left side of his body is full with something and he feels pain. Secondly, the patient feels full after small eating or even with no eating. It means that the spleen is pushing the wall of the stomach. Lastly, the patient of enlarged spleen feel lethargic most of the time and is subject to infections attack more frequently. Easy bleeding or anemia is another system of enlarged spleen.
The cause of the spleen should be determined an early as possible. If the cause of spleen disease is bacterial then it is not a greater worry and antibiotics should be given to the patient for cure. In some of the cases, it becomes highly difficult to know the real cause of spleen enlargement. Spleen remover is considered as the best option when the cause of spleen enlargement is unknown. Most of the doctors advise patients not to take part in physical games.
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