How Clean Is Your Office? Tips For A Hygienic Workplace!

How Clean Is Your Office? Tips For A Hygienic Workplace!

Are you aware of how much bacteria is harboring in your workplace, even at your own desk? Did you know only 25% of office workers believe their offices are being cleaned as effectively as possible? Fortunately for me, my Peterborough office is regularly professionally cleaned but some aren’t so fortunate. Workplaces are a magnet for germs, just think how often you use your hands! You’re constantly picking up and sharing bacteria with your colleagues whether it be through opening a door, to sharing a telephone. In fact the average office workers hands come into contact with up to 10 million bacteria per day! It’s impossible to be completely bacteria free, but you can try and take steps towards a cleaner, healthier workplace.

How Clean Is Your Office? Tips For A Hygienic Workplace!

Hire a Reliable Office Cleaning Company

Did you know your desk contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Now there’s a statistic to put you off your lunch! You’re a busy worker, you don’t have time to necessarily bring out the cleaning equipment at the end of a busy days work. An office and commercial cleaning services company will solve your dirty desk dilemmas. If you’re concerned about the extra cost – think about it this way, a clean work environment reduces office sick days by up to 30%! It’s really worth investing a small amount of budget into.

Breathe Clean Air

Are you chained to a desk for the most part of your day? You probably don’t think about the quality of air you’re breathing, but it can have quite an effect on your overall health. Make sure you open the window, even if only for a short while to encourage a clean air cycle. The air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than the air outside. So open those windows and doors and breathe in that fresh air!

Keep a Cleaning Kit

Clear out the chocolate and sweet wrappers from your drawer (what else do you use those for?) and replace with a mini cleaning kit for your desk. A pack of anti-bacterial wipes are cheap and will do the job! An office phone has around 25000 germs per square inch (ick) so a quick wipe over with an anti-bac wipe will kill off some of these ghastly germs. A spray and cloth wouldn’t go a miss either, but remember the cleaner must be left on the surface for at least 30 seconds for it to be effective before wiping away.

Carpet Cleaning

It’s definitely worth hiring a carpet cleaner to come and deep clean your carpets. They might not necessarily look dirty but they’re quite often filled with germs and grime. If left unchecked damage can be caused to your carpet which often results in having to replace it. Avoid your carpets becoming smelly, discoloured and full of potentially harmful bacteria by arranging for a bi-annual deep clean.

Washroom Hygiene

The dreaded office toilets, usually not the cleanest of areas but you don’t have any other option at the end of the day. Ensuring they’re as hygienic as possible is important not only for staff but clients too. You don’t want to set a bad impression after all. New developments in bacteriological science has resulted in new ranges of products such as hand dryers, feminine waste bins and soap dispensers that encourage a more hygienic approach.