7 Important OnPage SEO Tips For Bloggers Of BlogSpot

Search engine optimization commonly abbreviated as SEO is crucial for a better blogging experience. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is about sports, discusses electronics such as a 24 inch TV, LCD or the latest trends of technology, you can gain a better viewership by optimizing it with the help of SEO. In today’s competitive market, you can’t get the traffic you deserve for your blog, if you have not properly optimized it for search engine robots. This is exactly what this blog post covers, as some of the most basic and important tips which your blog needs to follow are discussed below, in order for you to make the most of the search traffic that is out there on the internet!

Custom Robots Header Tags

Well if you are a blog post blogger, you surely need to customize it to make it lovable amongst the readers and the search engines. Out of all the settings and themes that you can apply, you can look to use the custom robots header tags. There are plenty of tutorials available on the internet which would guide you as to how you can manage these settings for your blog post blog.


Robots.txt is a very crucial file for the search engines as it tells their bots all about the hierarchy of your blog/website. Through your robots.txt you can allow or disallow non important pages of your blog to be indexed in Google, protecting them from being penalized due to plagiarism issues etc.

Using Optimized Titles for the Blog Posts

Try to use optimize the title of your blog post to increase the number of hits in the search results. If you have got a keyword to focus on, you can surely embed it in the title to attract a major chunk of traffic. The title works as the head of the blog post and if its appealing and optimized, then surely it would keep the readers hooked to the rest of the blog post. Usually 67-71 characters are recommended for the title.

Optimize your Image

Images not only enhance and improves the readability of your blog post but can also be optimized to attain an extra traffic from the search engines. Try including at least 2-3 image and then optimize them through their alt and title tag for the keywords you would your post to be found on the internet.

Internally Link your Pages

Internal linking is still very important for a better visibility in the search engines. Many bloggers ignore to link their pages and blog posts internally, which actually costs them extra page views and increased search visibility. Always remember to internally link your relevant posts!

Submission to Search Engines

Search engine submissions are still relevant and important. When your blog is up and running then its recommended for you to submit it to the Google webmaster tools, as that would help it in getting it indexed faster.  This also tells several blog issues like broken links, HTML improvements etc that you need to improve on. All you have to do is verify your blog ownership and submit its sitemap and that’s it.

Improve your Blog’s Loading Time

Loading time of a website or a blog is considered by the search engines when giving it high value over the other blogs, as the blog that takes a bit longer loses quality viewership owing to its slow loading rate. By improving the loading time of your blog, you can maximize its visibility along with an increase in its viewership!

Author Byline:

Jason Wright is an experienced blogger, who has been in the blogging industry for the past five years. He has helped many newbie bloggers to optimize their blogs as well as provided SEO tips for various websites including TV Calendar etc, to help maximize their exposure and traffic results.