Custom Faux Wood Blinds – The Best Window Treatment That You Can Avail

If you are looking for an alternative of wood with regard to window blinds, then the faux wood blinds would be the best option available. If the wooden blinds seem unappealing or are not desirable, custom faux wood blinds are there to fit for any window. In addition to this, the wood blinds are quite expensive owing to the material. Some most of the house owners use the faux wood blinds as the substitute of wood.

Advantage from Materials and Installation

The materials applied to create faux wood shades are hardwood combined with vinyl. Merging these two substances offer a look that is quite parallel to wooden items. These materials also tend to be durable and enduring. So they are proved to be more robust compared to pure wood blinds. As they are very economical, one can buy the custom faux wood blinds for getting the right window treatment anytime. Another added advantage of this kind of blinds is that it can be installed with no trouble. However, the installation of custom faux wood blinds must be arranged by any certified installer since there are various steps involved in this.


It is fact that purchasing pure wooden blinds was considered to be an important investment earlier. But, now with the accessibility and availability of faux wood blinds at a discounted rate from online stores, one can furnish the entire house without breaking the bank. This way, you can include more decor and brilliance to your room. Cleaning method of the faux wood blinds is extremely easy and the possibilities of being broken or warped are really negligible owing to its endurance.


Unlike the wooden blinds that often need to be taken down for cleaning, faux wood blinds are easy to keep up. You can just wipe the blinds with a damp cloth and let them dry in air. To keep up to the original look, you might dust it regularly with the help of a feather duster. Apart from these regular cleaning and maintenance, the faux wooden blinds do not require much care. The color of wooden blinds may often lose the shine with constant exposure to the sun, but these will not fade completely. The color will remain the same as new no matter how many years they have been on your windows. This signifies that you will not need to change them every few years. Even the wooden shutters need not to be replaced but they have to be repainted after a gap of certain years.

Adjustable to Any Site

Custom faux wood blinds for windows are made with perfect measurement to ensure ideal fitting   in the room. To say in better way, these blinds are designed to fit the casement they are planned to cover. It makes certain that there is a full coverage of a window and that it would let you preserve complete privacy within the room. The interior part of the room is also not observable from outside.