Basic Rug Care Tips and Tricks

Basic Rug Care Tips and Tricks

Rugs are essential pieces to any household and are popular on a global scale. Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, shag rugs, eco-friendly rugs, they’re all decorative, stylish, and undeniably sophisticated in their own unique way. With that said, because they naturally occupy space on the floor, they’re constantly in harm’s way. Rugs encounter traffic flow that causes dirt particulate accumulation, and the inherent wear and tear associated with being stepped on frequently stimulates further damage. While a gleaming rug can lend a glow to a room, a dull, tired one can serve as an instant buzz kill. Here are some tips regarding proper carpet maintenance to help ensure your rug never loses its colorful appeal.

Watch Out for Dirt

When it comes to proper rug maintenance, executing preventative measures to reduce dirt accumulation is paramount. Dirt is public enemy number one, and should be stopped at all costs. The first and most obvious solution lies in the purchase and placement of a doormat, allowing guests to wipe their feet prior to entering. You can also cut down on the amount of dirt entering your living space by evoking the age-old tradition of politely requesting visitors remove their shoes at the door.

Another relatively simple solution involves replacing the air filters in your heating/ air conditioning system. The less dust and particles that enter into your living space the better. If there’s only one lesson you take away from this article, please let it be that dirt is the root of all evil when it comes to rug maintenance.

Caring for Your Rug

Eventually your rug will require a cleaning, and there’s several ways to go about this depending on its size, make, and style. Certain small rugs are washing machine approved, so just stick them in and consider the job done. Be sure to shake it first to rid it of debris.

Larger rugs warrant a different and slightly more vigorous cleaning method. Start with the required shake, and then hang it on a clothesline and proceed to beat it. Finish the process by taking it inside for a thorough vacuuming. If by chance “dry cleaning only” is printed on the label, don’t try to cut corners: take it to a local place to get cleaned.

To vacuum area rugs, be sure to utilize soft suction and begin in the middle, gradually working your way outward. Proceed with caution, attempting to avoid sucking fringe strands into the nozzle. Ultimately, if your carpet/ rug is a venerable family heirloom, it’s best to recruit the services of a professional cleaning service.

The different rug types run the gamut in regard to proper maintenance requirements. Some finer and more intricate styles (Oriental, Persian, etc…) demand complex cleaning processes, while simpler versions (shag rugs, eco-friendly rugs, etc…) can be properly taken care of in a little less than 15 minutes. Proper rug maintenance is essential to ensuring its visual appearance remains intact and helps bolster its long-term lifespan exponentially.