Creating The Perfect Bathroom Theme

Bathrooms are rooms in a home that people actually spend a lot of time in. Which means the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of the house and therefore needs more than just the necessary appliances like a sink, shower and toilet. In other words, bathrooms should have a certain theme and décor associated with them, based on how they are designed and decorated. This theme is also determined by who will be using the bathroom on a regular basis. Below are some suggestions for different bathroom themes, items that should be added to the bathroom to effectively convey this theme and those who might find them appealing.

The Spa Bathroom

 Bathrooms with a lot of tile and modern features like round elevated sinks and stones in the grout of the shower may want a more of a spa-like theme, so that everyone who enters feels like they have come to a relaxing sanctuary. These decorations can include things like a variety of different candles on different counters and shelves in the bathroom, all creating different scents when they burn. Baskets that will hold the extra rolls of toilet paper and other toiletries, and exotic soaps of different shapes and colors. If there isn’t a glass door for the shower, the shower curtain should be one that displays different Far Eastern cultural symbols, like a ying yang or a Buddha, to further convey the relaxing, spa-like theme. Bamboo further establishes this décor theme, as well as a fountain. Select a square vase, fill it with colored marbles and water and add the bamboo, for a decorative focal point on your bathroom shelf or counter.

The Girly Bathroom

 A bathroom for a young girl or a teenage girl should have a certain theme as well based on the décor. There doesn’t have to be an special design, as this standard bathroom can be transformed by various accessories. A pink shower curtain will definitely set the tone here, as it will be bright and impossible to miss upon entry. A yard cover for the top of the toilet, preferably in pink to match the shower curtain, is also a good addition, making it comfortable to sit on and do nails or various other types of cosmetics in the bathroom. Shelves for all the other accouterments a young girl or teenaged girl will need should also be installed, so that the bathroom doesn’t become overly cluttered and can be organized whenever it is actually cleaned. If shelving is not an option, say you are occupying a rental, consider countertop caddies and over the door shelving racks.

The Guy’s Bathroom

 Most guys don’t care much about their bathroom themes, as the theme usually ends up being incredibly dirty on a regular basis. Which is why a number of different accessories can be added to give the bathroom more of theme and mask some of the inevitable filth. A pirate shower curtain is a great way to set the tone for the bathroom in general, working style-wise for boys to teenaged men. Having some framed photos of some kind on the wall of men doing old fashioned or manly things may be a good idea for a guy’s bathroom, keeping with the pirate-themed shower curtain, as would some old ship related artifacts, like the wheel of a ship or various shells or shark’s teeth. This can also double as a nautical theme later on, when the guy has left the house and the shower curtain has been replaced.  Of course, you can never go wrong with blues and browns for a guy’s bathroom.

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