3 Ways The First Lady Is Changing How Women Dress

Throughout history the clothing worn by every first lady has been scrutinized, applauded and berated. It’s been four years now since Michelle Obama stepped into the role of first lady and during that time she has caught the eye of fashion experts everywhere with her unique approach to style. Mrs. Obama is not afraid to indulge in the latest fashion trends to help her shape her public image. Here are three ways the current first lady is changing how women today view fashion.
Having High Style Doesn’t Have to Cost Big Bucks
Perhaps the most surprising thing fashion aficionados learned early on about Michelle Obama is the fact that she doesn’t have a problem shopping for clothing where the average American shops. Mrs. Obama regularly buys clothing for herself and her girls at retailers like LL Bean and Target. The first lady has mastered the art of taking a $40 dress from H&M and adding a snazzy designer belt to make herself look like a million bucks! She is a very classy, down-to-earth woman who has taught us that looking good doesn’t require busting the budget and that it’s perfectly OK to wear a $100 dress  to the finest of affairs.
Shopping In Your Own Closet is Fun, Wise and Cheap
Michelle Obama is a mix and match master of fashion. She’s shown women how to shop inside their own closets to create brand new looks by mixing and matching articles of clothing. The first lady is not afraid to wear the same piece of clothing or even entire outfit more than once in public. In today’s economy, that is a huge relief to fashion-conscious  women who don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes. When her husband was reelected in November, the first lady was wearing a stunning pink dress that she had worn  in public twice before. While a few fashion snobs criticized the move, American women applauded it as they could totally relate on many levels.
It’s OK to Wear What You Love
The first lady has said often that first and foremost, she wears what she loves. She also has said that women should focus on wearing clothes that make them feel comfortable, happy and beautiful. Mrs. Obama wants women to have fun with fashion like she does which means that nothing is taboo if it’s what makes you feel great and look amazing. The president’s wife takes the same approach to dressing her two daughters. She wants her children to grow up knowing that they can feel good about sporting fun, hip clothes like those sold at Pop Culture Shop just as comfortably as they can wear nice dresses to fancy occasions that were purchased from catalogs. In April of 2012, the females in the first family stole the show at the Kid’s Choice Awards. First daughter Sasha showed off her cute fashion sense by rocking an adorable budget-friendly dress her mom purchased online for just $75.
While some of the biggest designers in the fashion world may be snubbing Michelle Obama’s style sense, American women are gushing over her wardrobe choices. Ever since she stepped into the spotlight while helping her husband because America’s first African American president, she’s sent strong messages about the economy and the strength of creative spirit in what she wears.

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