Surprise! How To Handle An Unexpected Pregnancy

Surprise! How To Handle An Unexpected Pregnancy

One of the most exciting times for a couple is when they find out they are expecting a baby. However, if you were not planning on getting pregnant and suddenly get a surprise and discover that you are, there is a lot to consider. Many emotions will naturally go through you, and joy might not be the only one or even one of them you are experiencing upon learning about your unplanned pregnancy. You will certainly feel overwhelmed, to say the least. There are ways to handle an unplanned pregnancy that can help you to better cope and adjust to the situation.

See Your OBGYN

The first thing you should do upon discovering that you are pregnant is to see your OBGYN. You will want to make this your first priority especially if you are in the category for a high risk pregnancy (Source: Dr. Gilbert Webb USNews). If you do not have an OBGYN yet, you can use websites like to find the right doctor for you. This is absolutely important so that you can learn exactly how far along you are and to get all of the appropriate advice and prenatal care you need at the earliest stage of your pregnancy. This will ensure that both you and the baby will be as healthy as possible.

Talk it Out

Always talk it out with your husband or boyfriend. Whether you are a couple who was not planning on having children anytime soon or at all or if you already have a child or children, this is a positive step toward dealing with your unplanned pregnancy. Understand that it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and to worry about aspects such as space in the home and finances. You might be surprised to find out that these fears end up being shore lived. Discuss both positive and negative aspects of the pregnancy with your significant other, family members and close friends.

Face Your Emotions

Facing all of your emotions about the surprise pregnancy in an honest manner is also a good way to deal with the situation. Allow yourself to feel upset or disappointed and don’t feel guilty about it. It is also natural to experience an array of emotions during this time in your life. You will no doubt have mixed emotions because pregnancy is a big thing and takes a toll both physically and psychologically even when it is planned.

Seek Support

Look for support from other couples who experienced an unplanned pregnancy. To get through this time, it is important to have a network of support not only from those closest to you but from others who have been through the same situation. You will no doubt receive advice and can hear stories from other couples that can make you feel more at ease with your pregnancy.

Change Your Financial Spending

Of course, you will have to make changes in the way you spend money as soon as you discover your unplanned pregnancy. You can improve upon your finances by consolidating your credit card debt, put off making major purchases and downgrade on certain things that aren’t necessities such as your cable TV package. Every little bit of money saved will help.

Overall, the one thing about an unplanned pregnancy is that it is a time of joy. While you may have fears and concerns, at the end of the day, as a mother to be, you will experience a feeling of joy as you await the arrival of your child.