5 Things You Need To Know When Being Charged With A DWI

5 Things You Need To Know When Being Charged With A DWI

After being charged with a DWI, you might think that you will lose your license or go to jail. While this might be the case if you have numerous offenses, it’s often not the case if it’s your first, or even second, time being charged with the offense.

Submit to Tests

There will likley be some kind of test that will be given when you are pulled over. This is when the officers first suspect that you have been drinking and driving or driving while impaired under another substance. One test might be a sobriety test where you will demonstrate various acts to determine if you have your balance and if you are mentally sound. A breathalyzer test could also be given. This will record the alcohol content if you have been drinking.

Consult an Attorney

After you have been charged, you need to talk to an attorney and specifically one who is a DWI expert. The attorney can give you an idea of the sentence that you might face and fight for you to stay out of jail. Recommendations could be made for you to attend classes or be placed on probation instead of serving time in jail or losing your license. It’s important to give the attorney all of the documentation about the incident and any progress that you have voluntarily made between the arrest and the court date.


If the officer only gives you a ticket or you end up getting a fine when you go to court, you need to pay it off as soon as possible. Contact your insurance company to let them know about the ticket, and find out how many points will be added to your license so that you know how much your policy will increase. You will also need to pay your attorney’s fees after the court hearing.

License Issues

There are various things that could happen with your license. You could receive a suspension if you don’t have any other charges. Your license could be revoked if have several charges against you for driving while intoxicated. Find out how long the license will be suspended. This can give you an idea of how long you will need to take any classes to get your license back and how long you will have points on your license.


In the event that you have several DWI charges in the past, there is a possibility that you will spend time in jail. If you caused an accident while impaired, then the jail sentence will likely be longer. There are some states that will only make you serve a minimal amount of time in jail so that you can become sober, and then you will be released.

A DWI doesn’t have to be something frightening. If you seek the help of an attorney and cooperate with what you are told to do, then you will be able to work through any kind of sentence that you receive. Keep all information that you can in relation to the case, giving it to your attorney as needed.