3 Non-Confrontational Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer

When you think about hiring a lawyer, stressful issues may come to mind. Lawyers are often hired to represent a client’s interests in a confrontational situation, such as if you are suing someone or if you are involved in a criminal matter. However, the law governs many aspects of your life, and a lawyer’s advice and services may be beneficial in numerous ways over the years. These are a few of the many non-confrontational reasons why you may need to hire a lawyer.

Prepare Contracts

Contracts are used in your personal life as well as in the professional arena for a wide range of purposes. For example, a prenuptial agreement may be prepared for an engaged couple to protect their interests in the event of a divorce. A business owner may prepare a non-confidentiality agreement for a contractor or new hire to avoid financial loss in the future and to establish agreed-upon aspects of a work relationship.

Review Contracts

In addition to having a lawyer prepare contracts for you, a lawyer may also review and even negotiate the terms of a contract that you are presented with. This may include a sales contract when you are preparing to buy real estate, a lease contract, a partnership or business agreement and more. Through a legal review of the contract, the lawyer can explain your rights and obligations related to the contract. He or she may also advise you about whether to sign the agreement as it stands or to negotiate more advantageous terms.

Create a Will

After you pass away, survivors will need to settle your estate. When you create a will, you specifically state how you want your assets to be divided and who will care for your dependents. You may also need to prepare for the end of life in the business realm through the preparation of a succession agreement. While these legal documents may not directly affect you in your living years, they can have a dramatic effect on your survivors for many years after your passing.
These are only some of many reasons why you may need to hire a lawyer at various stages of your life. Your personal and professional lives are governed by numerous laws, and a lawyer can help you to understand your rights, to protect those rights and even to use the law in various ways to promote a better future. If you need legal services today, look for a lawyer with specialization in a relevant aspect of the law.