Winter Wedding Favours – 5 Ideas That Won’t Be Forgotten

Whether it’s a case of chasing as many savings as possible or simply the desire to indulge a passion for the colder months of the year, winter weddings are more popular up and down the UK than ever before. Of course it tends to be the spectacular savings that attract most to what are considered off-peak weddings, but at the same time there is something uniquely magical about the winter months that can make for a wonderful celebration, whatever the weather.

Needless to say, when and where a wedding is being planned for the colder months of the year, there are certain unique considerations that must be kept in mind throughout. It’s a case of ensuring that each and every element of the wedding reflects the magic of the season in which it takes place, which in the case of the wintertime is very different than that of the summer wedding.

Winter Wedding Favours – 5 Ideas That Won’t Be Forgotten

So for those looking to get married in the winter or are perhaps in the midst of planning a wedding for another couple, here’s a quick look at how something as simple as wedding favours can be used to inject even more magic into a winter wedding without breaking the bank:

Gingerbread Cookies

First up, there’s really no disputing the fact that certain flavours are absolutely indicative of the winter months – one example of which being gingerbread. Even the very aroma of gingerbread is enough to stir up of feeling of cosiness and contentment the likes of which is borderline intoxicating. In terms of wedding favours therefore, it can be as simple as investing in – or ideally baking yourself – a bunch of delicious gingerbread cookies in order to be then carefully wrapped and distributed as wedding favours.


The great thing about chocolates as wedding favours is the way in which they are suitable for every type of wedding and every season throughout the year. In the wintertime for example, creating chocolates in snowflake shapes or stars for example not only makes for fantastic gifts for guests, but can also be used as fabulous decorative touches for the tables. Once again, it’s simply a case of ordering up a bunch of chocolates in carefully thought out colours and designs in order to then be wrapped or bagged in cellophane and distributed accordingly.

Hot Chocolate

Still on the subject of chocolate, there’s perhaps nothing as indicative of or ideal for the winter as hot chocolate. This can therefore make a fantastic idea for a wedding favour provided either in powder form, or the type of hot chocolate which comes in the form of a solid piece of chocolate on the end of a stirrer. Suffice to say that these are exactly the kinds of gifts which you know 100% will be both used and appreciated, not to mention remembered for some time to come.


Another great idea which works particularly well in the winter is that of giving out miniature bottles of liqueurs as wedding favours. There are certain rich, creamy and warming liqueurs that are simply fantastic during the colder months of the year when mixed with coffee, hot chocolate or simply enjoyed on their own. You can think about personalising the bottles or simply using standard miniature bottles with your own added decorative touches.

Scented Candles

Also perfect for the winter months is the warming and inviting fragrance of a high quality scented candle. These days, some of the very best brands on the market provide outstanding winter fragrances in candles of all sizes right down to the smallest of tea lights. Not only will these kinds of gifts work wonders in terms of appreciation and practicality, but with enough of them in place they will also add an incredibly warm and welcoming fragrance to the room in which the event takes place.

Mini Jams or Marmalades

This is an especially effective gift idea if you have the time to make it yourself from scratch, but even if you have to buy it, you will find those tiny jars of jam or marmalade never fail to go down a treat. Again, feel free to personalise the jars as much as you like or leave them as they are with a few decorative embellishments.

Winter Warmth

Last but not least, if circumstances and indeed budget limitations allow for it, then one of the very best ideas for a winter wedding favour is to provide a real dose of winter warmth. Anything from gloves to mittens to slippers or one of those incredibly cute miniature hot water bottles, these are exactly the kinds of gifts you know will be used time and time again.