The Volkswagen CC: Review

The Volkswagen CC: Review

Volkswagen is upgrading its range of cars and the VW CC is a direct replacement for the Passat.

Volkswagen has made a four door coupe which has been designed to rival the Audi A5. The model looks sleek and performs better than the Passat which it is replacing. In the UK the range of engines includes a 1.8 litre TSI and a 2 litre TSI both of which are petrol engines. There is also a 2.0 litre TDI diesel with either 168 bhp or 138 bhp.

The two specs are the standard entry level and the GT. VW has made the CC with the best choice of engines that were used in the Passat. All models are available with a manual or automatic gear box. The lower powered cars are fast and will probably have enough speed for the needs of most people. The diesel engines are quiet and smooth with little noise . This is due to the sound proofing that has been fitted in the rear, the front and underneath the car.

The CC has standard sport seats which are supportive for long journeys and there is room in the rear of the car for two adults although the sloping roof makes it slightly difficult if you are tall. The middle seat is only really suitable for a child.

Volkswagen is known for reliability and as this car is based on the Passat it has many of the same parts so there should be no problems. VW has included lots of safety equipment with anti lock braking, electronic stability control and a range of air bags. The lane change assist will stop you from veering off into traffic and there is a feature to stop the car if a rear end collision is about to happen. As yet there is no Euro NCAP rating but it is expected to be awarded the full five stars.

Looks are important and the CC has those in spades. However, the sloping roof does compromise practicality and taller passenger may find their heads a little close to the roof. The other dimensions of the model mean that there is lots of leg room and shoulder space. The boot holds 452 litres of luggage and there is a one touch switch to flip down the split seats to accommodate more items.

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