Don’t Do It! 4 Offenses That Are Too Easy To Commit

Don’t Do It! 4 Offenses That Are Too Easy To Commit

You may be unwittingly committing crimes every day. Some of the things that can get you into trouble may seem like relatively minor offenses. Here are some of the things that are easy to commit, but could spell trouble for you.

Forgetting To Pay A Ticket

Most everyone has sped at some point in their life. Many people think that it’s okay as long as they don’t get caught. You may have parked in a no parking zone to quickly run inside the store. Failing to pay a speeding or parking ticket could result in having a warrant out for your arrest. It doesn’t matter whether you forgot to pay it or decided not to pay it. The law doesn’t distinguish between the two cases. Both scenarios could land you in jail or facing an even more expensive fine.

Using Your Friend’s Credit Card

Many people have used a friend’s credit card to make a purchase on their behalf. You may even have done so with their knowledge and permission. In the technical sense, you’ve just committed credit card fraud. It’s illegal to purchase anything with someone else’s credit card. Get a good fraud lawyer to help you win your case. You don’t want to spend time behind bars or be labeled a felon. This can impair your ability to get or hold onto a job.

Failing To Register Your Dog

Most counties require that you license and register your dog. This is to help keep the public safe. Part of the registration process generally includes that your dog is vaccinated. If you’re caught with an unregistered dog, you can face a hefty fine. Failing to pay this fine can result in a warrant being issued for you. There are instances in which your dog may be removed from your care. This minor offense doesn’t seem worth the price.

Taking  Mental Health Day

Everyone calls in sick every once in a while when they aren’t actually sick. This is technically defrauding the company. The point of a company’s sick policy is to be used when you’re really sick. Most companies just look the other way when it comes to this being considered a crime. If your company decided to prosecute you, they could win their case. There have been cases in which employees have been taken to court for the inappropriate use of sick leave.

There are old laws on the books that can turn even minor offenses into major crimes. Protect yourself so that you don’t end up feeling like a criminal.