4 Ways A Defense Lawyer Completely Changes Your DUI Case

4 Ways A Defense Lawyer Completely Changes Your DUI Case

There are few charges as scary as a DUI or DWI. Not only do the accused face jail time, but also a suspended license and even lifetime consequences if found guilty. However, there are several ways that a defense lawyer can help.

1. Experience in Your Area

You are likely new to the world of the legal system and DUI/DWI, but a defense lawyer is not. They will know what defenses have worked, how the prosecutors and judges in your area think, and what strategies help to get the best possible outcome. The legal system can be a nightmare for people who do not know the ropes, so an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in the case’s outcome.

2. Identifying Holes in the Prosecution’s Case

Many police departments do not handle DUI and DWI cases as required by the law. An experienced defense lawyer knows where there may be ‘holes’ in the charges that can be used to get charges reduced or even dropped. According to Keyser Law, P.A. of Minneapolis, no case is hopeless. Even small mistakes in the police report can lead to dismissal with the help of a defense lawyer. In some states, over 30% of DUI charges are dismissed for issues with the way the investigation or arrest were handled.

3. Having a Representative in Court and Hearings

The legal system is intimidating to an average citizen, but not to a lawyer. It is almost impossible to act as one’s own lawyer. There are rules for arguing a case that most people do not know. In addition, many people have trouble making a compelling argument on their own behalf in this high-stress situation. Regardless of whether you choose a DWI attorney from Minnesota or one from a local firm, having an advocate, a person there on your side, who is used to the situation, is a must.

4. Negotiating a Plea . . . Or Not

Many people charged with a DWI or DUI take a plea deal that is not the best they could get, or even take a plea when they could have been found innocent. A defense lawyer has the experience to tell when bargaining is a good idea, and the negotiating skills to get the best deal possible if you decide to go this route.

A defense lawyer is essential for people who wish to beat their charges and move on with their lives. No person should go through the stressful process of being charged with a DUI/DWI without an experienced attorney on their side.