5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Manchester

For those considering a change of scene in the UK, Manchester is definitely a place that deserves a closer look. This vibrant, thriving city has just as much to offer as London, and many residents will swear that things are simply better up north.

With so much to occupy you, from the attractions at Spinningfields to everything that can be seen and done at the bustling city centre – all of which can easily be reached from Alto Apartments Manchester – you will find that life here is never dull.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should move to Manchester:

1. Economy

Manchester is often hailed as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, but that’s not all there is to it. No other place in the country outside of London has such a fast-growing economy, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Redevelopment projects all over the city are turning Manchester into a great place for business, both foreign and domestic. Creative agencies are also doing very well, with the BBC and ITV having set up headquarters here.

It’s no wonder that the Manchester job market is one of the healthiest in the Northwest!

2. Education

It can’t be disputed that Manchester is home to some of the best schools in the country. From secondary schools to universities, education here is excellent. You’re going to have great options, whether you’re looking for a school for your kids or are interested in a graduate degree for yourself.

The city is home to over 350,000 students from all over the world, making for a diverse intellectual and cultural atmosphere. It also means that places where you can get an affordable meal or drink are never too far away.

3. Culture

Art, music, history, and sports – if you can name it, then Manchester has it. Art can be seen everywhere from posh galleries to the city streets, and music is a pervasive presence. After all, Manchester is the birthplace of some of Britain’s most iconic music acts, and local talents are continuing to garner international fame.

And aside from being home to the National Cycling Centre, the city also has two football clubs that you may have heard of: Manchester City and Manchester United.

4. Things to Do

You will never run out of things to do in Manchester. Whether you’re looking for a good way to spend the weekend or some post-work fun after you clock out of the office, the city will have something for you.

Pleasant parks, interesting museums, thrilling sports stadia, and a stunning array of bars and restaurants are all within easy reach.

5. Quality of Life

A high quality of life is probably the best thing Manchester has to offer. Friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere make this city a delight to be in, and a cost of living 40% cheaper than London’s means that you can easily afford to live here.

Newcomers often marvel that prime properties in central locations, such as Alto Apartments, Vimto Gardens and The Wentwood, are within their reach.

Article courtesy of Alto Apartments in Manchester – the home for savvy urbanites.