Always A Bridesmaid, Never A T-Shirt Designer

Always A Bridesmaid, Never A T-Shirt Designer

So your best friend asked you to be her maid of honor, and in the midst of ordering dresses, going to fittings, tasting cakes, and organizing a bachelorette party, she has also graced you with the honor of coming up with a brilliant idea for bachelorette t-shirts. Bonus points for creating an adorable bride shirt to go with them!

Before you freak out and get nostalgic for your college sorority’s t-shirt chair, take a deep breath. As the maid of honor, you have plenty of things to freak out about, all of which are exponentially more important than trying to think up a creative t-shirt design. Never fear, super girl! With the help of this article, you can add yet another thing to the list of duties you performed perfectly as maid of honor.

An important thing to remember when thinking up a design for a shirt is that it needs to be useable. Don’t create a shirt that is so obnoxious and covered in rhinestones and wedding paraphernalia that none of the bridesmaids (or the bride for that matter) ever want to wear it again. If the shirt ends up sitting in the back of the closet or the bottom of the drawer, it’s a waste of your time making it and a waste of everyone’s money buying it.

Have fun creating the shirts, and remember to consider all of your fellow bridesmaids when picking a style and color. The shirt should be something you all wear and remember how much fun you had supporting your friend on the best day of her life.

Here are a Few Popular Styles to go with!

The Button Down

Not only are button down collared shirts classy and cute, they’re also extremely functional. They are perfect to wear the day of the wedding while getting ready seeing as there is no pulling your shirt off over your head and messing with your artfully done makeup and your carefully perched up-do.

A cute idea for including the bride in this is to get all the bridesmaids button downs in the color the bride has chosen for the wedding, and get a white button down for the bride. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can get a small symbol like a crown or an engagement ring embroidered on the lapel.

The Monogram Shirt

Besides the fact that all things monogram are very fashionable, monogram shirts are a perfect way to personalize a shirt that has the potential to never be worn again after the wedding is over.

There are many places to put the monogram, and monograms can go on any number of different styles of shirts. A personal favorite is the pocket tee, with the monogram printed on the pocket in the wedding colors.

The Tank Top

This style is perfect for a shirt that is being made for the purpose of going out. If you’ve opted for the matching shirts for the bride and bridesmaids to wear for the bachelorette party, this is an easy way to look fashionable and still advertise that the gorgeous half of the wedding party has arrived.

Tank tops usually come with rhinestones, sparkles, cursive fonts, or any combination of the three. Common colors are pink and black.

The Clever T-Shirt

There are many examples of clever taglines that appear on bride and bridesmaid shirts. Choosing a slogan is up to you and the kinds of slogans vary for all the different kinds of brides. A few examples are…

“Bride’s Wing Girls”

“Team Bride”

“Bridesmaids: the bride’s little monkeys”

“The Real Bridesmaids of Jill’s Wedding”

“Don’t make me go all BRIDAL on you”

“THIS GIRL *Thumbs pointing at face* is a BRIDESMAID”

“Bridesmaid: the _____ one”

These slogans can be put on many styles of shirts.

The Tuxedo T-Shirt

It’s a clever play on the formality of a woman’s wedding dress and her bridesmaid’s dresses to get a t-shirt with graphics of a full tuxedo suit on the front. Add flair to a boring black and white shirt with a pink flower or some sparkles.

An extra add-on is to put “Bridesmaid” on the back jersey-style, and be creative with a number underneath it. You could put the year of the wedding, or if you have a convenient number of bridesmaids, you could separate out all the numbers of the date and have the bridesmaids stand in order with their backs to the camera for a cute and unique engagement photo.

So Never Fear!

Now that you’re armed with these suggestions, you are free to get creative and wow everyone with an amazing design for a shirt that all the bridesmaids and the bride will love, remember, and wear over and over again!

This article was written by Kate Stefanski. As the middle child of a family of 5 daughters, Kate is all too familiar with the role of bridesmaid. She’s been through every task, crisis, and freak out there is when it comes to planning a wedding and luckily for us she is never short of advice. When she isn’t busy dealing with her bridezilla sisters, she writes professionally for You can see some of Kate’s other bridal tips by visiting her Google+.