Top 5 Themes For Styled Portrait Shoots

A professional portrait photo is something that everyone should indulge in at least once in a lifetime. A chance to capture your image and personality in a selection of photos that really reflect who you are, it’s an opportunity that you should embrace with open arms. With a styled shoot, you have the chance to explore your creative vision with the photographer, to achieve an album that you can really be proud of. To help you get some ideas, here are 5 top themes for styled portrait shoots.

1. Vintage

This might sound like an obvious choice, but with so many ways to stretch and shape the vintage theme, it’s a great place to start. Whether your idea of vintage is a playful Marilyn Monroe-esque shoot or something that would get you casted in Downton Abbey, you can show your spontaneous side with a vintage shoot that will be great fun to play around with.

2. Celebrity Inspired

Celebrities provide a great source of inspiration when looking for styled shoot ideas. Perhaps your fancy yourself as the next Rocky, or you want to recreate the look of your favourite celebrity. Especially for those who are a little camera shy, drawing inspiration from the stars can give you a confidence boost in front of the camera and help you to envisage the look that you want in your images.

3. Hobbies

Bringing something that defines who you are in to a shoot can provide a great focal point for a shoot. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or play a musical instrument, these can easily be worked into the session to achieve a really personal set of images. So if you’re struggling for a theme or a big idea, the answer might be right under your nose.

4. Fashion

Going all out on the clothing, hair and makeup is a great way to emphasise your personality whilst creating eye-catching shots. You don’t have to splash out on a brand new wardrobe to do this; a few show stopping accessories such as scarves and jewellery can be sufficient, when teamed with colourful make up and a fitting hair style.

5. Natural

One of the best things about styled shoots is that they reflect who you are, so many people choose to go quite natural with their theme. After all, if you want to look back at the photos in years to come, you probably want to capture your youth and looks, and this alone can be the focus of the shoot. A good photographer will get to know you well enough and help you relax, so that the images really preserve and showcase your personality.

It’s important to decide on the look and theme that you’re going for before a styled portrait shoot, but most photographers will take the time to discuss what you want from the day to help you achieve it. Remember to choose something that feels comfortable and that you’ll want to treasure for a lifetime, and most of all – enjoy it!

Article by Rebecca Fearn, creative photographer from Rebecca Fearn Photography.