Shut out the Light: 4 Unique Window Covering Ideas for Your Home

Your window coverings can be as unique as you and your home. There are lots of fun ways that you can decorate with flair and add personality to your window décor that are both fashionable and functional. Here are just a few of the ideas for unique window coverings that you can install in your home.
Rollup Window Dressings 
You may have heard of Roman shades and thought they were something much more pricey or complicated than they are. This is simply a type of window covering that rolls up from the bottom. Because it is a solid piece of fabric that is rolled, you are able to use a variety of fabrics and textures to achieve the desired look for your home. There are ready-to-install varieties that you can purchase from a hardware store, and there are custom options that you can order online. Another option is to create your own using fabric or material of your choosing and installing cords or strings that will allow you to open them with ease.
Privacy Shutters 
Another popular option are shutters for your windows. There are the standard shutters that you can purchase and install in your home that come in a variety of different types of materials and colors, typically made from metal, plastics, or wood, and each with their own unique stylistic benefits. Another solution is to bring old shutters that were designed for outdoor use and install them inside. They could be used to dress up the frame of the window or even modified to fit inside in order to provide you with some extra privacy.
Modified Fabric Uses 
Shower curtains, sheets, and other types of fabrics can be turned into curtains to fit any room’s décor. You may want to dye the fabric or even stencil it so that your curtains can be as unique as your personality. This method will also allow you to properly fit the curtains to windows that aren’t of the standard size and dimensions. You don’t want your curtains to look like undersized and stretched or oversized and baggy just because you don’t have a size that the store sells to fit them.
Address Your Hardware 
You can pair your unique window treatment with hardware that will match. Unique trims, frames, and glass can be installed to suit any style of curtains, and vice versa. Another option is to accessorize the window dressings with hardware, such as a unique rod, a tasseled draw cord, or bindings that keep your curtains spread to frame the window. Adding a fringe of lace, ribbon, or embroidery can create a lovely effect, as well, and potentially be made to match finishings used in other parts of your home décor. If you aren’t feeling up to adding these features yourself, speak to a professional window finishing company and see if you can get something custom made or sewn onto existing curtains.
There are any number of ways for you to create unique windows coverings. Use these tips to get you started on having your windows make a statement.