How To Find The Best And Avoid The Worst Baby Gifts Online?

When most people walk into a store or browse an online store looking for baby gifts, they rarely know much about the baby. They may know it’s male or female at the very best but other than that they have no idea what essentials babies require and which are the best ones out there. More than often visitors to a baby shower will end up getting what other people have gotten a baby.

The most common gifts include diapers, clothes, rattles, cots, and various other toys. However, toys make the worst gifts for a new born because he or she is not going to need it until a few years later. Probably a better option would be a teething ring.

The 10 best baby shower gifts

  1. You can get the parents a housecleaning service for the entire month. However, provided that the person or company you hire does a good job, is efficient, cheerful and self directed. That said this is an indirect gift for the kid since his or her mom will have more time to spend with them during the initial month which is the most important.
  1. A good hand knitted baby sweater is a very personal and practical gift. A color like navy blue or pink will work best with the buttons in the front.
  1. A large diaper bag preferably by a good brand will allow the mom to take her kid wherever she goes in style.
  1. An engraved and well designed sterling silver picture frame is another personal gift with the potential of becoming a future heirloom. This type of gift is both luxurious and useful.
  1. A baby monitor which allows the mom and dad to easily monitor their kid sleeping in another room. It is surprising how many guests forget about this very essential gift.
  1. Present a gift certificate for any big ticket item like a bassinet, car seat, swing etc. This will give the parents an opportunity to purchase something that they did not receive from guests at the shower.
  1. A large pack of disposable pampers is a useful gift which the parents can start using right away. You can also couple that with some good quality baby formula.
  1. If you want to get toys two of the best items to get a baby are stuffed toys or teething rings. The baby can start cuddling up to the stuffed toy right away and the teething ring is something that baby can use a few months later.
  1. Get a baby kit. This kit contains a feeding bottle, pacifier, and a few other essentials that every mother can use.
  1. A stroller is also the perfect gift for a newborn baby. There are numerous types of strollers to choose from which also include the latest motorized ones. You should probably get a stroller for the baby only if the parents haven’t already purchased one.

Tips for avoiding getting the worst baby gifts

  • Gifts like a babysitter service for a month do not make much sense. Most new mothers don’t trust a sitter with their baby so it’s not a very good idea.
  • Some people get the couple a pet as a gift. A puppy is not exactly a good gift nor is a kitten. Many parents don’t want to have to run around cleaning after the puppy and the newborn. So, this does not make a welcome gift.
  • A Barney DVD set or of any other cartoon is not a good idea. It will be a long time before the baby will watch Barney and by then there will be something new on the television. That said if the parents want their baby to watch Barney they can turn on the television a DVD or Bluray set is just a waste of money.
  • You shouldn’t purchase a gift that is practical for the baby. While baby formula and diapers are also practical gifts, items like gloves or a cap is not a good idea. That said it also depends on the weather and because kids that age tend to grow quickly by the time its winter the gloves or the cap may not fit. So it’s best to stay away from these types of gifts even if you’re going to purchase a few sizes large.
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