The Benefits Of Portable Receipt Printers

Mobile printing is a concept that is becoming quite popular in the retail industry. It simply involves the use of portable, wireless printers along with mobile gadgets to process transactions. This is a common trend in restaurants, where you find iPads and smartphones being used in conjunction with mobile printers to serve customers right at their tables. These kinds of mobile point of sale systems have many advantages, all of which can improve your bottom line. Read on to learn how mobile printers can benefit your business, be it a store or restaurant.

Scale up Checkout Points

With mobile printers, it is possible to bill customers and print receipts anywhere. In a restaurant setting for instance, customers don’t have to walk up to the counter to get kitchen tickets or bills. This can be done while they are seated at their tables. All that is required is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled printer and mobile device. Add a Bluetooth or wireless bar code scanner and table to this collection, and you have a complete checkout terminal that can process transactions at a retail store. The advantage with mobile printers and other wireless devices is that they are fast and easy to set up. This makes it quite easy to scale up checkout points within minutes.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

The good thing with mobile printers is that sales staff can walk right up to customers and process transactions. This makes their jobs easier, thus they become more productive. In addition, this results in speedy, streamlined checkouts, which in turn increase transaction turnover for your business.

Improve the Customer Experience

The ability to process sales transactions right on the sales floor can really enhance customer satisfaction. In a restaurant setting for example, the wait staff can focus more on the customer instead of the transaction itself. Rather than going back and forth from the sales terminal to update an order, wait staff can take all orders from the tables, making sure that the orders are correct and complete so that customers are satisfied.

Save on Space

Mobile printers can come quite in handy in space-limited situations. These gadgets are relatively small compared to conventional stationary printers. The reason for this is that they are designed with portability in mind. The fact that small sized printers are easy to move around can also reduce the need for additional hardware because you won’t need printers hooked to every point of sale terminal.

It is evident that mobile printers offer a lot of benefits for businesses that print receipts and other bills frequently such as retail stores and restaurants. These printers can expand selling capabilities, speedup the checkout process, improve customer service and economize on space. However, mobile printers should be compatible with a point of sale software in order to work properly.  Therefore, you need to choose printers that are compatible with your mobile POS devices to make the most out of mobile printing. Fortunately, this should not be a problem because good software vendors specify which hardware brands work well with their point of sale systems.

This article was written by Hazel Cameron, a contributing writer for Hazel has a passion for blogging and loves to share useful information related to business and technology through writing.