How To Make A Garden That Wows Your Friends

Gardens are largely ignored as a vital part of the home; seen as somewhere just to have a barbecue or the occasional game of family football. Really, the garden is the perfect place to entertain guests as well as relax after a hard day of work – are you making the most of your garden? It’s not uncommon for gardens to take a lot of work and looking after, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. A nice garden can look absolutely spectacular with the right additions and there are things you can do with yours this December that will blow your friends and family away. Whether you’ve got a big garden or a small one, these simple home improvement tips can make a massive difference this December.
Decoration through Vegetation
While a concrete garden might be practical and easy to look after, there are few things as beautiful as a green space peppered with flowers and attractive plants. There has been considerable research into the relationship between the human moods and the colour green and the outcome was simple: there is nothing as fundamentally relaxing for your eyes as nice, green vegetation. Having a garden with some grass and plants in can do wonders for your wellbeing, but don’t think that if you’re allergic to pollen that you’re out of luck.
Gardens don’t have to be adorned with high-maintenance flowers every month of the year to look outstanding, and as long as you’re paying attention to how your garden looks less can sometimes be more. Thousands of plants exist that take virtually no looking after so do a quick bit of research into the kind of plants that like your garden environment, pick the ones you think will look nice, plant them and then you can pretty much forget about them in most cases – leaving you to enjoy a beautiful garden with next to no effort. That’s not an excuse to slack off, mind you, gentle gardening is one of the most relaxing pastimes there is.
Beauty through Function
A quick way to give your garden that ‘wow-factor’ is by making it usable, giving it a function. Now, what this might be depends completely on the type of person you are or what your family might want to use your garden for, but a functional garden can quite often be the most amazing one. For example, one cheap way of really impressing visitors (and enjoying healthy produce) is by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Fortunately, most people think this is harder than it actually is, so when you show off your prized potato patch or orange grove to your guests, they’ll be left agape and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that actually, it’s much easier to do than it looks.
Having a functional garden doesn’t necessarily have to mean having an agricultural garden: you could invest in a small wind turbine and make that the feature of your garden – the wind turbine would save you money: money which you could then pour back into your garden creating the perfect chill out space for yourself. The options are virtually limitless. If you have a security fence or steel security surrounding your garden this doesn’t have to be an eyesore – let the bits of your garden that you can’t change shape the parts that you can, leaving an attractive, collated and thoroughly impressive space that you, and (maybe more importantly) your guests, will want to be in.
Making the most of what you’ve got
Some of you reading this may be part of the lucky few who own a swimming pool in their back garden. Others might be considering joining this elite few with the ability to take a dip without ever leaving their own property… Either way, outdoor swimming pools are a massive part of the garden they’re in and if there’s one thing that you can’t do with an outdoor swimming pool, it’s ignore it. However! This provides you with the perfect chance to show it off. You might not use your swimming pool all year round, but unfortunately you’re stuck with it: make it look nice! Simple, fashionable and extremely elegant additions to your swimming-pool-enriched garden are glass balustrades or glass fencing.
Glass fencing can effectively and attractively frame your swimming pool or even just beautifully split your garden into separate ‘zones’ – maybe one for growing food and one for relaxing. By embellishing your garden with a glass fence you’re having all of the practical benefits of a traditional fence with the advantages of not having a fence at all. Glass fences look thoroughly modern (yet will suit any garden) and don’t restrict visibility – better yet, glass pool fencing can stop errant splashes from playing children from disturbing the grownup’s garden party.
Those that are looking for glass pool fencing in Perth, LA, Sydney or where ever else you live, should do a search on the internet for a quality supplier local to them. Home improvement doesn’t have to take place in the home – show your garden a bit more love and create a garden that really wows your friends.
This article was written by William HarrisĀ on behalf of Glass Fencing Warehouse. Glass Fencing Warehouse is a leading supplier in quality glass pool fencing in Perth and other products for the garden. William is a student who lives in London and enjoys running and blogging.