5 Things You Should Check When Buying Screen Doors In Sydney

One of the biggest benefits of having screen doors in Sydney during the hot season is that it allows for good ventilation without comprising security. Sydney is known to become particularly hot during the summers but if you have screen doors you can reduce the amount of heat that builds up in your home considerably. This reduces the stress on your air-conditioning unit as well as lowers your electricity bill. That said there are numerous other benefits of these special doors which includes preventing mosquitos and other flying insects from entering your home. But before you go buy the first screen door you see being sold near where you live consider the below five points.

How will the Screen Door be Installed?

One thing to consider is the installation of the door. If you’re going to do it yourself then it’s important to buy a screen door in Sydney which is as per the style and shape of the doorway. You will have to measure the doorway and then buy one which is of the exact same size. Ideally, you will want to steer clear of readymade screen doors unless you’re sure that your door way and the accompanying door currently installed is the standard size and type.

Durability of the Screen Door

This is another very important consideration. You never want to buy a screen door which is not durable because then you’ll have to spend time and money all over again to install a new one a few years later. The durability of the screen door stems from two points the first being the mesh and the second how the mesh is fitted into the screen. Usually, a mesh which is made from a sheet of steel or aluminum with holes drilled into them is the most durable choice, followed by screens which are weaved using thick stainless steel wires. The wedge type mesh installation happens to be durable but the workmanship will need to be checked to ensure that there aren’t any spaces around the sides of the frame.


Ideally you will want to buy screen doors in Sydney from a seller that provides you with a substantial warranty. The warranty period can vary from seven years to ten years depending on the quality of the screen you buy. But there are some online and offline sellers that do not provide any sort of warranty for their screens which could signal that the quality may not be the best. Also, because there is no warranty if you end up with a rusty or damaged screen a few months later, you’re going to spend all that money all over again to get a new screen installed. So, the screen’s warranty should be one of your top concerns. Make sure to read the warranty documents to ensure that it’s a replacement and not repair warranty.

The Mesh should be Fine

If the objective of installing a screen door is to mainly allow for lots of fresh air to enter your home then obviously you want to buy one with the finest mesh. A fine mesh will ensure that your home receives lots of fresh air minus any small pieces of trash and at times flying ants during the monsoon. The finer the mesh the less secure it may be so it’s important to strike the right balance between fineness of the mesh and durability Experts recommend that people use a standard size mesh and couple that with a thick frame to make it hard for intruders to cut through the screen doors.

Find the most Reputed Seller

The best way to ensure that you end up with right screen doors in Sydney is to buy from a reputed seller. Sellers like Ozzy Tuff have been selling screen doors in Australia for close to a decade. They are known to sell the highest quality, tough and durable screens which last for decades. Their screens also come accompanied with a warranty. This assures buyers that if anything does in fact go wrong during the warranty period the screen can be replaced. Since every seller has their own type of warranty buyers should choose only to buy from reputed sellers.

Mark is one of the leading experts on security doors in Sydney. He has written extensively about screen doors. He has installed and sold dozens of doors over the years and he shares his experience via series of blog posts. He is also working on a DIY book aimed at people who want to save money when in the market for buy screen doors.