Tips For Organising Your Bathroom

Have you noticed how many things you accumulate in your bathroom over the course of a week?  Many times as you prepare for work you leave your personal grooming items strewn across the counter tops and in your bathing area which makes for a cluttered look.  Especially if you have a small bath you must keep your things organised so that you won’t be digging for things that you need in a rush.  Your daily routine does require the use of various products but you don’t have to create a messy bathroom in order to get your hands on your products quickly.  Let’s take a look at how to organise your bathroom for a neater and cleaner look and a stress-free environment in which to bathe and dress each day.

  • Can you throw it away?  As you begin to take inventory of the things in your bathroom, you should check expiration dates and throw away the products that are outdated or that you no longer use.  Be sure to check all medications, make-up, and vitamins so that you won’t be using products that should be discarded; this will also make room for new and improved things that you may like better.

Tips For Organising Your Bathroom

  • Use a magazine rack.  If you like to read whilst taking a bath, hang a rack on one of the walls in your bathroom so that you won’t have books piled on the floor or on your countertop.  Creating a place for each item in your bath will give you a more polished and stylish look.
  • Use drawer organisers to help keep smaller items under control. If you use rubber bands, hair clips, cotton swabs, and safety pins you’ll want to use a small organiser to keep everything exactly where you need it; this prevents you from digging through drawers as you prepare to go out each day.
  • Control the clutter in your bath.  You should place shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and other bathing products in a shower or bath caddy or relocate these things under your bathroom sink.  Use attractive towel bars to keep your beautiful linens neat and clean and within reach.
  • Do some cleaning in your bathroom each day.  Instead of leaving all of your cleaning until the weekend, which should be your leisure time, you should try to do some cleaning in your bathroom each day.  Whether you scrub the bathtub, dust the lighting fixtures, or mop your tile you can prevent having to spend your free time on the weekends cleaning instead of having fun with your friends.
  • Get products with retractable cords when possible.  Instead of having your wall mounted basin cluttered with cords from your blow dryer, hot curlers, and shaving gear you can buy these accessories that have retractable cords to achieve a more organised look.  If you can’t find these types of items, then be sure to wrap the cord around the appliance and store it neatly in its assigned place in your newly organised bathroom.

By just following these few simple tips, more of which can be found on the website of ClickBasin, you can have a bathroom that looks spacious, attractive and, more importantly, functional. You’ll also be able to find what you need quickly without having to dig and search for it, especially when you’re in a hurry.