Ways In Which A Well-equipped Bathroom Can Be A Blessing

Ways In Which A Well-equipped Bathroom Can Be A Blessing

A well-equipped bathroom is a blessing for those that are growing older or have mobility issues. The main reason being is that the bathroom has usually been customized with special features and devices to make it safer. Many requiring additional safety in the bathroom are considering the installation of walk-in showers or baths. This also helps them to regain some of their independence while remaining in their homes.


Safety in the bathroom is a big concern when someone is growing older. Their balance, judgment of depth and mobility often become compromised. Several safety elements can be installed in a bathroom to ensure that it is properly equipped. This includes hand rails, non-skid flooring and the walk-in bathing stations. Some may require a motion detected sink faucet or raised toilet as well. These items make maintaining personal hygiene easier for those that would need assistance otherwise.


A well-equipped bathroom can seem luxurious to those that are used to having only the basics. Some luxury items include motion sensor lighting, heated floors and a whirlpool walk-in bath. These items can also add to the functionality of the space, which in itself can be a blessing. The ability to maneuver safely while having convenience items makes using the restroom or bathing less of a challenge.

Regain Independence

Losing independence is something that most senior citizens struggle with. It is one of the things that they have the hardest time giving up and are the most adamant about in an argument. They want to do things for themselves, especially when it comes to bathroom related items such as bathing. If they have all of the tools needed in their bathroom for them to use all of the amenities, they will not be in need of in-home care giving services. There are a lot of options for making a bathroom safe for the elderly to prevent slips and falls from happening.

Ease of Maintaining Proper Hygiene

Many elderly have issues maintaining proper hygiene due to mobility issues. There are a variety of convenience and safety items that can be installed in a bathroom to help them. For instance, in a walk-in tub option, a handheld shower head helps them to clean their back and legs properly without having to strain. It is also an easier way for them to wash their hair. Poor personal hygiene can lead to several bacterial and topical infections that can lead to other serious health problems.

Less Worry from Family Members

Family members will not have to worry about their elders when the bathroom is safe and properly configured. Many adults worry about their parents and grandparents falling in the bathroom when trying to bathe or shower. Incorporating items such as slip resistant flooring, hand rails, proper lighting and an easier tub or shower option eases that stress considerably. It is a good idea to sit down with the elder and discuss what things are difficult for them in the bathroom. You can work together to come up with solutions to ensure that the bathroom is safe and well-equipped so that neither of you have to worry.

When a well-equipped bathroom is in place it is safer for the residents of the home and the risk of falling decreases. The cost of customizing a bathroom for those with special needs can be costly. There are ways to make this affordable and some government programs may be of assistance if it is proven that the items are medically necessary. Safety, security and the ability to maintain independence are three things that are very important to the elderly whether it is just in the bathroom or at home in general.