10 Most Iconic Celebrity Haircuts

Let’s face it, a hairstyle is sometimes more than just a hairstyle – the right cut can transform how you look and how you feel, giving a woman perfect confidence with just a few snips of the scissors. And when you’re in the limelight, getting it right is even more important. From the hairstyles that inspired an era to the ones that women up and down the country tried to copy, here are the 10 most iconic celeb hairstyles of all time…

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’

The Rachel haircut inspired millions of women in the 90’s to run to their local salons bearing a picture of Jennifer Aniston in the hope they would leave with a similar style! All these years down the line it’s still a popular do, so what makes it so iconic? It’s simplistic, easy to style and will suit almost any face shape, so its no surprise it comes in at number 1 in my list of iconic hairstyles.

Halle Berry’s Pixie Crop

Berry’s signiture style is the perfected short pixie crop she’s sported for numerous years now, and it suits her soft, girly features perfectly. If you have the face shape, then why not go for it? Its the most simple, easy-to-maintain hairstyle there is, and defies any stereotype there is over feminine women only sporting long, lucious locks!

Victoria Beckham’s ‘Pob’

When Victoria Beckham decided to shed her “Posh” skin, she took the shears to her locks and catapulted herself into icon status with this structured style. Her asymmetrical cut is another favorite with women in every demographic.

Marilyn Monroe’s Curls

There is no denying that Marilyn Monroe was, and still is, an icon. With women everywhere wanting to be her, and men wanting to be with her, it comes as no surprise that her beautiful blonde curls are craved by women all over the globe.  Bottle blonde and bold curls is a confident move by any woman’s standards, but there’s no denying just how sexy this style has made Monroe over the years.

Amy Winehouse’s Beehive

This style is not for everyone, and definately not for the faint hearted. However Amy Winehouse carried it with confidence and courage as she teamed it with her signature bold eyeliner. This style inspired a nation of women to pick up their brushes and begin backcombing… and to never stop!

Blake Lively’s Loose Waves

Blake Lively has brought back an air of simplicity to hairstyles as she opts for her beautiful blonde locks to be left loose and flowing over her shoulders in a tumble of luscious waves, inspiring women all over the planet to put down their stylers, straighteners and hairspray, and to leave the house au naturel!

Farrah Fawcett’s Mane

The 70’s was thrown into a whirlwind of layers and hairspray after Farrah Fewcett revealed her volumised ane to the public. With loose layers, gorgeous flicks and volume aplenty, she pulled off this look to perfection!

Florence Welch’s Red Head

I think even Florence Welch was surprised after Florence And The Machine hit the bigtime, and suddenly teenage girls from all over the globe were running to grab the bottles of red and orange hairdye. Whether it was toned down to auburn, or lit up as light as Florence’s herself, red hair definately took off faster than ever before.

Grace Kelly’s Beautiful Bob

This beautiful bob was sprayed and combed to within an inch of its life, but the results speak for themselves. Grace Kelly’s curls were slicked back into waves in one of her most signature looks, and in the 50s this look took off massively. I don’t know whether its the super girly, feminine charm, or just how glamourous Kelly looked with it, but this do suited all face types and was completely perfect when done right.

Julia Robert’s Bouncing Curls

After the debut of Pretty Women, girls, ladies and women everywhere were rushing to have their locks permed as fast as they could! julia Robert’s volumous, bouncing curls were the style everyone desired, and the style everyone got!

Any iconic celeb hairstyles I’ve missed off my list? Tell me below!

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Michelle Star blogs for Merritts for Hair on all things to do with haircare and hair styling. A passionate beauty addict, she’d love Monroe’s gorgeous curls but has to put up with a Hepburn style pixie crop thanks to hair that won’t grow past her chin!