Ceramic Is Used For More Than Figurines

Industrial Marine Coatings

Ceramic is used for many things like vases and figurines. Many places even offer classes in how to use ceramics, and people get a lot of joy out of making their own figurines that they can paint and keep in their homes. However, what people do not know is that ceramic can do more than just create small houses and animals, but is the key ingredient in industrial marine coatings.

A Coating of Ceramic Has Many Advantages

People may be wondering just how ceramic can be used in industrial marine coatings, but the truth is that it is actually a special powder that is sprayed onto any surface. Once the item is covered in the special ceramic powder, it then goes to a special oven where it is exposed to high temperatures that turn that powder into a strong ceramic coating. Here is more information on why ceramic coatings are used and the benefits for using a ceramic coating:

Strong Protection that can be Put on Any Item:

The ceramic is put onto anything like spray paint, and the coating itself actually resembles spray paint. Because it is in a spray form, the coating can be put in anything from tools to machinery parts. Industrial marine coatings are primarily used on boats because of their exposure to water, but ceramic can also go on just about anything that needs a lot of protection.

Ceramic is Resistant to High Temperatures:

When people take a ceramic class, they learn that the ceramic has to be cooked in a kiln, which exposes the item to very high temperatures that turn it into that extremely strong material that people then paint and decorate any way they choose. The same coating that makes those animals figures so strong has a lot of industrial uses because it can make any tool, manufactured part, or vehicle resistant to anything that can cause high temperature like friction. Without the proper protective coating, machinery that is used on a daily basis can wear out quickly or can even have so much friction that it can cause a fire.

The Ceramic Coating can Last a Lifetime:

Companies that offer ceramic powder coatings can charge quite a bit of money for the process, but the price is going to be worth it because once the process is finished, the ceramic coating is going to last ten or twenty times longer than anything including the highest grade protective paint. Machinery has to last a long time in order to be used in things like manufacturing, but a ceramic powder coating being put on these machines are going to ensure the longevity of the machine.

Some people spend their lives collecting little ceramic figurines, and even take a class to learn how to make them. However, what these amateur artists do not know is that ceramic is used for more than decorative purposes. Industrial marine coatings are made with ceramic in them, and when they are sprayed on, and then baked in a high temperature oven, the coating is going to protect from things like damage, friction, heat, and the coating is going to last for a lifetime.