The Necessities Of Effective Medical Transcription

The internet has brought about so many technological advancements that have revolutionized how various industries perform their work. One key area that has been positively affected is medical transcription. In the past it was difficult to do transcription work from home as one had to invest in tape playback machines along with expensive printing and word processing equipment. Today, however, you can easily transcribe audio and digital files from home and cater to clients all around the world. However, for you to be effective you must meet a few requirements. Below is a look at what is required to provide good quality medical transcription services.

Personal and Professional Skills

Before you get into medical transcription it is important to first get all of the required skills and abilities. Professional skills are quite important and can be achieved by taking up online training courses or attending MT colleges. By undergoing proper training, you will be able to learn various medical terminologies that are commonly used in medical transcription. Aside from that, you must also have a variety of personal skills. These include knowledge of computers, typing skills, and good grammar. You should also have good memory, communication skills, as well as the ability to follow instructions accurately.

Digital Media

Nowadays, most medical transcription equipment record audio in digital format. The traditional tape recorders, which had to be handled physically by either being mailed or picked up from clients, have now been replaced with digital media files. These files can be quickly uploaded to transcription platforms from any location and then be transcribed.

Telephone Lines

A combination of telephone lines and voice recording technology can be combined to make medical transcription easy for both the doctor and the transcriptionist. A doctor can simply call a medical transcription service provider that offers digital voice solution and dictate medical-related reports as well as specific instructions over the phone line. This information can be captured in a digital file that the transcriptionist can access and transcribe for the doctor.

Standard Equipment

Although technology has changed dramatically over the years, a few pieces of transcription equipment are still indispensable. The following standard equipment are a must-have for every medical transcriptionist.

1. A computer

The most fundamental tool for any type of transcription service is a computer. It is on the computer that the transcription work is done and files are exchanged between the transcriptionist and his/her clients. The ideal computer for transcription would be one that has access to the internet with the addition of some word processing and audio listening software.

2.Foot Pedal

A foot pedal is used to play voice files. The choice of foot pedal to use should be based on the type of files to be transcribed and the platform being used to listen to the files.


Headsets come in a variety of types and they basically help you listen to voice files. The type of headset to be used depends on the type of computer being used.

So there you have it, the above equipment and qualifications are what you will need in order to become a productive make medical transcriptionist.

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