Digital Marketing: Strategies to follow in 2020

Over the years, as new technologies and trends in the digital marketing world kept emerging, old and redundant ones were gradually phased out. Businesses that want to remain competitive have no other choice than to keep pace with the latest developments in the industry. Similarly, a strong digital marketing strategy comprises of different components but it is important to emphasize that some are more effective than others. Based on that fact, have compiled certain strategies you may need to follow in 2020 and the result listed below.

1. Content is Still the King.

When it comes to digital marketing, content is everything. The importance of content and it’s marketing is basically due to three reasons which are highlighted below:

  • It is through content that you can inform and follow-up on your target audience to ensure they’re on the right track when making purchasing decisions.
  • Well written and beneficial content would not only be helpful to your followers but will equally make you visible on search engines as well as increase your popularity in social media.
  • You can easily link up your content across the web which could help in boosting traffic to your website.


2. Video marketing is one

Video marketing implies the use of motion picture content to promote as well as market your products/services with the aim of increasing sales. Therefore, the importance of video marketing to any brand is not in question considering the central role it now plays as a crucial way of reaching out to your target audience, especially as a social strategy. Studies have shown that four out of the six highest-ranking channels where global consumers view video content are on social channels.

What is the implication of this? In clearest terms, it means that if you’re not creating video contents then you’re most likely going to be left behind. It is also important to note that authenticity is key; therefore making it raw and simple is the way to go to ensure better engagement with your audience.

The interesting thing about video production is that it is quite cost-effective considering that you can easily use your smartphone to produce a high-quality 4K video.

3. Social Media is Still the Great Platform

Social media has grown tremendously in recent times and is now considered as one of the most vital strategies in digital marketing. The SM platform can be leveraged to get across millions of people globally. Furthermore, it offers you lots of advantages as a digital marketing strategy, especially in areas such as cost-effectiveness, helps you in communicating and engaging with your customers, enhances brand loyalty, improves marketplace awareness, helps in increasing your website traffic, and can help in solidifying your brand authority.


4. Influencer Marketing is a Great Way

Another important digital marketing strategy to follow in 2020 is the use of influencers. This is a relatively new method of marketing and so far it has proven to be very effective. Already, a massive 94% of top marketers are now using influencers basically because it generates eleven times more returns on investments than the older known digital marketing options.

Firstly, let’s understand what influencer marketing is all about. Basically, this method entails reaching out to individuals who are popular on the social media platform and has large followers and contracting them to promote your brand. Such individuals are often held in high esteem by their fans who value their words/endorsements immensely.

Its advantages include helping to increase ROI significantly, build trust in your brand, hype your reputation, and increase your brand’s popularity.

5. Chatbots are artificial intelligence

Almost everyone that browses the internet must have come across some pop-ups that often emerge at the base corner, on the right side of the webpage, asking how they can be of help to you—now that’s a chatbot!

Chatbots are computer software that is programmed to act as an emergency customer care agent by making use of artificial intelligence to respond to you through speech or texts. They are good at solving problems that are frequently encountered by your customers among other issues. Considering that it may not be feasible as a startup to be online or have staff that would be online 24/7 waiting for customers that may need help. However, with chatbots, you can easily overcome this challenge.

Chatbots are cost-effective, convenient, reliable, and can be set up quite easily.

6. Email continues to be a major channel of communication

The use of email in reaching out to customers may be a relatively old tool in marketing but it still remains relevant today. For business owners, email can be a very effective way of reaching out to your customers irrespective of where they may be.

It is estimated that 34% of the global population makes use of email and that translates to a whopping 2.5 billion people! Such number is massive no doubt but it becomes more interesting when you acknowledge that almost every adult makes use of emails today.

Therefore, considering that emails have become an integral part of our lives, it then remains a good digital marketing strategy you can use in reaching out to your audience.

Some of its advantages include;

  • It can have a special personalized effect on the receiver
  • It can be cost-effective, convenient and cheap
  • With mobile devices and notifications, your customers could be notified easily of any development
  • You can make use of email marketing software to keep track of how many people you have reached—those that opened your email, links that were clicked, and even those that may not be interested—people that unsubscribed.

The year 2020 is a historical year that came with so many challenges and not a few businesses are currently trying to stay afloat. However, with sheer determination and by making use of some of these digital marketing strategies, you could be able to pull through.