7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get A Facebook Contest App

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Get A Facebook Contest App

Setting-up an interesting and engaging Facebook campaign just got easier with Facebook Contest Apps. It is a must for a business to get one of these apps to advertise your products or services to the Facebook Fans around social world, in a unique way. Here are just a few reasons why your business should opt for these Facebook Apps:

1. User Friendly

Setting up a Facebook App does not require any technical knowledge, and can be installed and configured in a matter of less than 5 minutes. How cool is that? Even if you have no experience in coding, or tech-stuff, you can still easily set up the app. It’s also really easy for the end-user (your Facebook Fan) to navigate through the app and to be a part of your exciting campaign.

2. Run any kind of a Contest

You can run a variety of contest campaigns. Photo Contest, Caption Contest, Essay Contest or a simple Timeline Contest using these marvellous facebook apps. There are practically apps available today for running any kind of a contest activity. The advantage being, these apps are already ready to be plugged and played. These apps have a social sharing option, which increase the likeliness of your campaign going viral – and who doesn’t want that?

3. Highly Customised

Facebook apps are backbone of campaigns these days. Fans are interesting more than just a simple image with text that talks about the contest. Facebook Apps are more dynamic in nature and more personalised.

You can select any Facebook Contest App and customise it according to your requirement. Here are some amazing features:

4. Language Setting

You can select any language of your choice, to display your contest in. Your Facebook Fans around the world will be more eager to participate if you talk to them in the language they love.

5. Custom Branding

Facebook Apps provide a lot of options for custom branding. You can customise the contact form, the pre-like, post-like images of the contest, the header and the footer of the Facebook app (in case of a white-label version).

6. Integrated Email Marketing System

Not all, but some (like Apps Mav) have Facebook Apps with an option of integrated email marketing system. Using this system, all the data that is submitted in participation forms can be collected and stored in this email marketing system. Using this system, the admin can send across newsletter and promotional emails to reach out to the existing Fans with more offers.

7. Mobile Friendly Facebook App

Not every Facebook App is mobile friendly, and so you should get a Facebook App for your campaign that is mobile compatible. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your large audience that uses Facebook on mobile and not so much on desktop.

Running a Facebook Contests becomes an awesome, easy and engaging task for every business, especially with Facebook Apps that are packed with such awesome features and benefits. Check here to see some amazing Facebook Contest Ideas as well.

Ankit is a Facebook Marketing expert, who is associated with multiple digital marketing agencies. Check out the Facebook Apps Developing agency on twitter and Facebook.