How To Choose Deer Hunting Clothing

Gear isn’t just about guns and ammo. Choosing the right deer hunting clothing can make or break your hunting success. Make it your goal to buy clothing which will last for years if not a lifetime. You’re likely besieged with a flood of options for shirts, pants and jackets for your day in the woods through websites, blogs and a wide array of offline sportsman stores.

This clothing needs to help you stand out to other hunters, hide from game and stay safe and warm out in the wild. Finding good gear means shopping for clothing both online and offline. Visiting hunting forums gives you access to experienced, seasoned hunters who can point you in the right direction. Doing a bit of legwork offline can help you find custom clothing which fits your needs and budget.

You Need to Survive

Before you become obsessed with looking great or blending in to your surroundings focus instead of survival. Keeping comfortable and alive are the 2 primary goals behind buying deer hunting clothing. Think about protecting yourself from the elements. Heavy, soaking rains, bitterly cold conditions and gale force winds can pop up unexpectedly in some environments. If things get thick you need professional, reliable clothing to keep your shielded from the harsh wild. Being out in the field – due to your comfy hunting gear – also increases your success percentage on the hunt. Focus on safety first. It’s all well and good to look snazzy but think function over form to stay safe and to stay out for a longer time.

Pick the right fabrics and remember to layer your clothing to create the optimal outlet. Stay away from cotton. This fabric holds water by your skin which can create a dangerous chill or even hypothermia in more extreme cases. Instead of cotton choose fabrics like down, fleece, wool or merino wool to remain warm and toasty in the woods.

Outsmarting the Deer

Hiding from the deer can be a terrible challenge without the right hunting clothing. Blending into the background through wearing camouflage makes it difficult for a deer to see you. This is done by breaking up your outline. Okay, you need to let go the idea of being a fashion conscious hunter. Some younger deer hunters may want to leave the camouflage outfit back at the home but don’t underestimate the power of wearing the right clothes to a hunt. You’re not sly enough to defeat the deer in your non camouflage gear.

Stay Silent

Good hunting clothing can keep you quiet. Clothes must make minimal noise as you move around in the field. The waterproof outer layers need to keep quiet when you brush against vegetation.

Are You Giving off Your Human Scent?

Deer may not be able to smell you as easily if you buy copper, silver or charcoal clothing. Although the debate remains whether or not these clothes are proven, effective ways to detect a deer’s scent you won’t hurt your chances of being a more effective hunter by buying such clothing.