Server Racks 101- What Rack Fits Your Needs?

When it comes To selecting the perfect server rack for your small business, you need to determine which kind of rack is going to work best for you. This is very important for you to consider as it might vary depending on what kind of business you run and the amount of space you have. However, before you go out and start purchasing a large 42U server cabinet that is going to store a large number of racks, you need to figure out which of these different racks is going to satisfy your basic requirements.

Server Rack Enclosure

First, this is a server rack that is completely enclosed and looks like a full cabinet. It provides the most protection and is nice for protecting the equipment and preventing anyone from accessing the racks. Server rack enclosures do come in a variation of sizes, depending on what you are looking for. This is the kind of rack you need to go with if you do not plan on moving the server hardware anytime soon.

Open Frame Racks

An open frame rack is also known as a four post rack. Basically, the name describes itself as it is a series of four metal posts that are vertical and allow you to insert additional server hardware into the rack. The metal is sturdy so it is not going to tip over, and it also provides direct access to the wiring in the rear, which can prove helpful, depending on the kind of job that you currently have and how much access to the wiring you need.

Wall Mount Rack

Wall mount racks do not have the same rear configuration as the four post rack, but instead connect directly to the wall. It uses the wall to help support the weight of the rack. This is nice if you do not have a large number of hardware pieces you need to install, but it does make it a bit of a challenge accessing the rear wiring, should you find the need to troubleshoot. It really comes down to what is going to work best for you and your needs.

Transportable Racks

If you work in a business where you are always on the go, such as in live broadcasts (news and sports), you need to have a network on the ready with all of your stored data that can be helpful for bringing up during the event. When this is the case, a transportation rack, or portable rack is helpful. These are built solid and can protect against some bumps and bruises. The hardware is also smaller in stature, as while you do not have room for the server rack enclosure on a production truck, you should have no problem with the transportable racks.

2 Post Relay Racks

The 2 post server rack is the least expensive option as it only uses two upright posts to support all of the equipment. This kind of equipment is fine if you are using lighter hardware that is not going to weight the rack down. It also gives clear access to all of the wiring.

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