Apple App Store Search Algorithm

Just as Google search uses an algorithm to decide what results to show in a Google result listings, Apple employs its own formula for determining what apps to display when users search in the Apple App Store. While the exact elements of the algorithms are unknown, there are a few thoughts on what is being used in factoring into the equations. Three crucial elements in the App Store algorithm that will undoubtedly affect download rates for your app:

App Title

Your App title doesn’t just tell users what the app does; it also affects your app’s rankings in the App Store. By including well-selected keywords in the title tag, developers can increase qualified search volume for their apps, boosting download rates in the process.

While the title is a crucial part of the app store search algorithm, developers should avoid “keyword stuffing.” Putting too many keywords in your title hinders readability and can even make your app seem spammy to downloaders. Apple app developers should choose few of the best keywords for the title tag and swap them out as necessary.

App Keywords

As a mobile app developer, you probably know that keywords are an essential part of the app store search algorithm. The App Store limits the amount of keyword to 100 characters, developers have to choose the terms they want to target wisely and adjust them based on seasonal changes and what is currently trending.

Review &Ratings

Because reviews and ratings have an impact on app store ranking, developers need to make an effort to get user feedback on their products. The community that is the app store, downloads the app and provide valuable feedback. Not only do user ratings help boost your ASO, but they also allow you to make much-needed improvements to your app over the long term.

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