Tips For Looking Good In Girls School Wear

Many schools around the world enforce strict uniform rules for girls. This often means that you are not allowed to use nail polish, lipstick, wear bangles or even accessorize your hairbands. But this does not mean that you have to settle for looking bad just because the rules are so strict. There are a few things you can do to look good and without having to break any school rules.

Start with your Shoes

Since everyone is wearing the same outfit you do get a chance separate yourself from all the others by wearing different shoes. However, you simply cannot pull out your favorite red sandals from the drawer and wear them to school because the majority of schools will just allow either black or brown polished shoes that have a closed toe. So, your best option here is to wear one that has a thick high heel with laces. Also, ensure that your shoes are properly polished to give you a more attractive look.

Your Socks

Girls can look pretty hot when wearing knee high socks paired with a short skirt. Ballet flats look very good along with socks that run up the ankles. Alternatively very low trainer socks also look cool.

Skirts, shorts and Trousers

There are pretty strict schools out there but even they will allow you to wear your skirt an inch or so high. However, while showing legs will make you look beautiful you shouldn’t show more than you are otherwise comfortable showing. When rolling your skirt up just make it a single role but a thick one. Girls can wear baggy trousers that are lower than their waist too.


The majority of girls school wear consists of blouses that should be tucked in. Girls can look better if they make sure that the blouse is nearly skin fitting and a size that is a dash smaller than what is traditionally sold at uniform shops. Some blouses may require a bit of DIY altering to ensure that they fit perfectly.

Jumpers and blazers

Girls can look better and slightly different by rolling their sleeves up. But this will require purchasing a blazer that has an inch longer in sleeve length. Blazers can also be customized with broaches and badges.

Wearing Jewelry

Most schools will not allow girls to complement their school wear with a necklace, but a long chain may be allowed because it is under the shirt. If you’re in a religious school then wearing a cross coupled with a silver diamond, heart, or something cute may probably be a good idea because it will make you look attractive and also pass a chain under the radar.

Wearing Makeup

The vast majority of schools will allow girls to wear foundation and cover up but you may not be allowed to wear eyeliner. So, you can improvise with an eyelash curler because if asked you say that you’re not wearing anything which will be true. Some light eyeliner or some mascara may also look nice. However, if your parents are not allowing you to wear mascara or use an eye lash curler, then you can use an old mascara brush which can be washed and used every few weeks. If you are not able to get away with any of the above then try wearing some lip gloss this will give you a slightly shiny look. Just some subtle pink will look great and you will not need to spend hours doing makeup. Check out magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen for a few ideas of a natural look.

Do your hair

Your hair is important but strict rules can make it hard for you to allow you hair out so you have to be very creative here. Some of the best styles that go well with girls school wear and are allowed is the messy bun coupled with a ribbon on the top and a ponytail that has a messy low side. You can use curling irons as well as straighteners to your advantage since schools have no restrictions on curling your hair or straightening it out. recommends effectively tailoring a super straight ponytail because nobody can say anything to you about it.

Mark is a stylist and a fashion designer. He has a degree in fashion designing and has worked with some of the leading minds in the fashion industry. When he is not coming up with new styles and photographing models he is updating his fashion blog.