Successful Techniques and Useful Tips to Make E-mail Marketing Efficient for Your Business

Marketing your brand through e-mail can certainly prove to be inexpensive and effective for helping your business to grow. In fact, it is an ideal medium through which you can connect with the predetermined target markets at an unbelievable low cost. In this way, e-mail marketing aids in setting up a loyal customer base. Irrespective of whether you buy an e-mail list or generate it online, the gained subscribers can become your permanent source of leads and revenue. As per a study conducted by Datran Media in 2010,over 35% of marketing executives agreed to gain results beyond expectations from email marketing, which no other marketing medium gave. This indicates that e-mail marketing is measurable, facilitating the marketers to know and share what works for adjusting theirefforts correspondingly. Therefore, it is rightly believed that concise and precise e-mail messages have the power to act as the ideal marketing tool. So, here are some simple techniques and tips for gaining much more out of this tool.

The Most Effective E-mail Marketing Technique

One of the successful techniques for marketing via e-mails is to build opt-in lists. Making an e-mail list of those who have opted in to obtain information about services or products is a zero-cost, highly effective medium of connecting with target customers. When you offer the target prospects the opportunity to opt in, it reflects your genuineness and willingness to market in the right manner. This is because your marketerstend to comply with the regulations of FTC’s CAN-SPAM for such implementing such a technique. These regulations are the guidelines that tell what the marketers can do as well as cannot do. Some of the chief requirements are no false or misleading header or deceptive subject line, clearly recognizing messages as advertising, and mentioning of contact information.

E-mail Marketing Tips

Before starting the marketing campaign, it is essential to know your promising subscribers. One of the ways to do this is to ask them some simple queries about themselves or products/services that they would love to hear or explore. In this way, you can customize your e-mails as per the specific market segments. For example, there will be a specific customer group that will like to know how a product or service of yours will benefit them. Similarly, there will be another customer group who has decided to buy your product but now need reasons to buy from you instead from your competitor.You need to ensure that your mailsconsistently offer only valuable or useful content so that your customers can confide in you, every time they open them. Your entire focus should be on offering value to customers, not on making a sale.
The most vital element of successful e-mail marketing is thesubject line that should always be descriptive. This line should offer a short, instant, and specific message to the readers. At the same time, it must not have words that can make the e-mail get trapped in spam filters as they appear like ‘advertising talk’. For example, a word such as ‘free’ can make your e-mail be considered as spam.
Next, let your readers select the frequency of mails to be received, when they opt in to your campaign list. It has been found that if the mails are sent quite often, the subscribers who are your probable customers do not read them or even opt out. Therefore, it is better to allow them to choose whether they prefer obtaining only your monthly newsletter or they would like to have additional emails with discount offers on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Believe it or not; the number of readers who would like to see a weekly discount offer mail will surely amaze you.
Bio: Tom Raizell is a software marketing executive in a medium-scale product company in California. He loves to read and explore the journey of various business tycoons such as Mark Leslie. Tom firmly believes in transparent marketing wherein customers are not cheated in any way.