How SEO And Social Media Can Improve Your Healthcare Facility

How SEO And Social Media Can Improve Your Healthcare Facility

When you feel ill, have an awful rash, or are experiencing symptoms similar to arthritis, who—or what—do you turn to? Think about this question deeply. Some of us might turn to our friends or our family members in our immediate environment for their own personal idea, but when it comes to getting the actual facts, we tend to rely heavily on the internet in order to make up our own decision.

We are fortunate enough to live in an age where we have an overload of information at our very fingertips during nearly every second of the day. No matter whether or not you are holding a smartphone, a tablet, or are typing away at your laptop, information is in front of us and around us nearly all of the time. Because of this, healthcare industries need to keep up by providing their own personal information in order to make the patient feel secure.

Did you know that people who are 18 to 24 years old are twice as likely to use social media for health-related discussions compared to people in their forties and fifties? This is important because it proves a substantial point: social media is becoming the new, fresh, and depended-upon source for news and communications.

If you are a healthcare professional, it is almost crucial to keep up to date with the changing of the marketing and communications world by implementing social media strategies. After all, you will absolutely want to keep up with this new generation of communication. Otherwise, you could risk having more business when compared to other medical or healthcare facilities.

With social media, you can achieve a variety of different goals. For instance, if you want your patients to see your Facebook page to view your hours, the information can be placed right your profile page. (Of course, this would be your business page, not your personal page!) At the same time, social media strategists or marketers could promote new events approaching such as a webinar, or even if you are selling wheelchairs for sale.

Another important facet of social media for your medical office or healthcare center would be Twitter. In fact, Twitter is so popular that is has been recorded that there are 9,100 tweets published every second? That’s a little mind-blowing. Imagine having a Twitter page for your business informing other Twitter users about new events, specials, information on particular ailments, and so on. You’d have their attention right away.

It has been said that over 90% of people whose ages range from 18 to 24 would trust medical information shared through others on social (whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest). That is a startling number for healthcare professionals. However, if you are running your own practice right now, you should start looking around for SEO companies as soon as you possibly can. This will prove to be a wonderful way to not only ensure that you have the whole social media package deal assembled, but that your rankings come high on search engines. After all, how nice would it be if someone called you for their healthcare needs simply because you popped up first?