4 Great ways to Maintain an Impressive Guest Blog Post Penguin 2.0

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The after-effects of Penguin 1.0 and Panda update have made the online communities to turn to guest blogging and content tactics. It is quite easy to predict why the main algorithm update of Google have concentrated on improving the quality of the website and trying to build more appropriate links between the websites. As such, guest blogging is undoubtedly a great option so that you can achieve both of them.
Guest blogging – What is it actually?
Do you really know what guest blogging is? Well, you must have heard about it. In simple words, guest blogging is actually searching for the other blogs in the same position and offering them your content to post it in their blog. As such, the webmaster will be able to get original, informative and quality content in their blog. In return to this, you’ll get the chance for exposure to their audience. You can build your brand name and also get links back to your website. As such, guest blogging will be beneficial for the author, readers and also the individuals who are of the same community.
Attain success with future updates – What are the four ways for this?
Do you know that obtaining links is one of the advantages that the website owners get from writing, marketing and posting the content? Check out the four things that you should know to be sure that the efforts you are putting on guest blogging will help you improve the ranking of your website, score links that really matter and will be positive for your website in the coming years.
  • Anchor text strategy- The main objective of Penguin 2.0 is anchor text profiles that are extremely optimized. Well, there are actually two main offender. The first is the anchor text links that concentrates too much on the keywords. The second is when a chain of links show up by sharing the same link text again and again. According to some studies, it has been revealed that if any term consists of not less than 30% of your website’s link profile, then it may send a red flag.
  • Author rank- Google authorship is the capability to connect your content with your Google Plus profile. This will have innumerable benefits on the part of the author. You may establish a readership by letting your content easily searched in the search engine results. The name of the author and the photo will appear just next to the search results. This, in turn, will increase the click through rates. If you want, you may add up guest posts to your Google webmaster tools so that you may be able to track the traffic. This will help you work out the return on investment of the particular posts.
  • Select dissimilar websites- You may want to abide by the quality instructions of the website without letting your website links profile appear too consistent. It is probable that in case of common context, you may get exclusive links from highly relevant website that is PR1. It is also possible that the similar websites will connect to your business.
  • Deliver value in your content- It is very important that you deliver value in your content, particularly when you are guest posting. This is true on certain levels. Firstly, you’re actually taking the platform of somebody else and making use of their brand to promote your stuff. Secondly, you are approaching the new clients so that they may become your daily customers. Finally, if you write content that appears only on high-quality websites, then it will provide good ranking and add traffic to your website for a long time.
Thus, these will help you make guest blogging successfully even after Penguin 2.0. Connect with Ilena the guest blogger of real estate and housing finance industry.