Say No To GMO: 4 Fun Ways To Introduce Yourself To Organic Living

Say No To GMO: 4 Fun Ways To Introduce Yourself To Organic Living

Scientists working in laboratories create genetically modified organisms (GMO) trying to increase yields, make fruits and vegetables that withstand drought better, have enhanced nutrition or offer consumers some other benefit. Some vegan and vegetarian things like corn, soybeans, canola, sugar beets, honey, and seafood are regularly modified before they are packaged and sold to consumers. A growing body of evidence suggests that food allergies have skyrocketed since GMO foods were introduced while the number of Americans with three or more chronic diseases has risen to over 10 percent. Both the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association have condemned the eating of many GMO products. If you would like to protect your family, then consider feeding them an organic diet as it can be both fun and healthy.

Eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables

When most people hear the term organic, they instantly think of fruits and vegetables that are produced without the use of synthetic additives like fertilizers, pesticides and dyes. Foods certified 100 percent organic can contain any GMO products, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Farmers must take steps like planting early or late, letting the edges of fields go wild and thoroughly cleaning all equipment used to plant and harvest crops to ensure that their fruits and vegetables are not cross-pollinated with GMO crops. A fun way to get organic fruits and vegetables is to buy them from local producers at a farmers market. Once you have them home, you can fix the fruits and vegetables in all your favorite recipes.

Use Organic Health and Beauty Products

There are many organic health and beauty products available on the market including sun care products, toothpaste, deodorants, antiperspirants, shampoos, conditions and many more. In order to be organic, these products must contain no GMO ingredients as determined by the United States Department of Agriculture, and they still must meet the strict standards for consumer safety set by the Federal Drug Administration. Over-the-counter medicines can also be certified as organic. Using these products helps to keep your family safe while assisting them with staying healthy and looking beautiful.

Try Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are useful for many different purposes including boosting the immune system, cleaning, perfumes and aromatherapy. They can be used in a diffuser, a roll on, aromatherapy jewelry and many other ways. While essential oils are available from many different sources, it is important to look for organic essential oils such as the ones available from Purify Skin Therapy as they work with artisans and small farmers around the world to make sure that the essential oils are made without any GMO contamination. Essential oils produced organically are superior in the way they work and their potency. You may also want to consider trying organic Chakra essential oils as they help you feel more energized, more connected to a divine power, more joyful and enable you to communicate better.

Clean Organically

You do not want to introduce chemicals to your family when you are cleaning your home when there are so many organic ways to get the job done. Essential oils, white vinegar, baking soda, castile soap and many other things let you clean like a pro. Combining 1/4 cup castile soap, 1/2 cup white vinegar, five drops organic lemon essential oil and two gallons warm water makes a great mopping solution. Meanwhile, stop mold with two teaspoons tea tree oil mixed with two cups water. You can clean almost any surface in your bathroom with an equal mixture of white vinegar and water, but make sure to keep it smelling great by adding your favorite essential oil to this inexpensive organic cleaner.

It is vital to avoid GMO products in your life and the lives of your family members as these products can cause irreversible damage. Instead, opt for organic products for many different purposes including eating, cleaning and connecting with your soulmate. Use these ideas as a springboard to other fun ways to live organically.