On the Move: Keeping Safe in a New Place

cacoMoving to a new place can be a stress in itself. A wave of relief starts to settle upon you once you’ve found the perfect home in the safest neighborhood. However, you shouldn’t let your guard down just yet. The perfect time to implement home security is when you first move into a home. With a break in happening every fifteen seconds in the U.S., you never know where a burglar can be lurking. It could happen in even the safest neighborhood.

Sound the alarm

When moving into a new home you should always make sure there is some form of home alarm system. If there is not one already installed within the home, you should explore all the different home security systems out there, like http://1stchoicehomesecurity.com/. Find the perfect system for your home and family. A big move to a new home can be a big expense, but a home alarm system will not cost a fortune when the right one is chosen.

Be on the lookout

Even if your new home is in a safe neighborhood, be sure to check your surroundings as you are moving in your valuables. People will be exposed to what type of belongings you are taking into your home when moving it from the truck into the house. This is an extremely easy way for a potential burglar to see what you have in your home without having to peek into windows. Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity while moving things into the home.

If there are expensive, newly purchased items brought into the new home do not dispose of them in your garbage cans or on the curb. If boxes of expensive items can be seen from the curb it makes the home more of a target to burglars. These boxes should be cut up and hid in the garbage, making them not visible or should be taken to the recycle center.

A few simple tips

Here are three simple tips to always add a little more security to your new home on a daily basis.

-Make sure to always keep your home locked up. Every access point to the home should have a lock and should be secured nightly or when the house is empty during the day. Invest in a couple deadbolts to add to the front and back doors.

-Have lights in your front and back yard and keep them on at night. Set them on a timer. Keep a light on within the home late at night as well. These lights will deter the burglar from your home thinking that the home is occupied at that time.

-If you must have a hide-a-key put it in a creative spot. Under the welcome mat is the first place a burglar will look. Make sure you hide it in a great spot that only you would be able to discover it.

Being able to move into a new home should be an exciting time. Home security is entirely in your hands. Taking early precautions in your new home’s security will let you continue to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your new home is safe and secure.

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