How to Select a Wedding Cake Topper

It’s all too often that brides and grooms are torn between a figurine, symbol or monogram wedding cake topper. It’s quickly after the decision they receive even more frustration when they offered different color combinations or crystal patterns. How do bride and groom select that perfect wedding cake topper? Below you will find some great tips and ideas on selecting that perfect cake topper regardless of your wedding theme or wedding cake style.
Figurines have a history of sitting on top of wedding cakes. You may be able to even look back on your parent’s wedding cake and find that traditional bride and groom figurine sitting on the top of their wedding cake. It’s no surprise that figurines have held on for so long to be a traditional favorite cake topper but what makes the new figurine cake toppers special are the new customizations available.
When you decide that you are going with a figurine on top of your cake, be prepared to have the ability to paint or customize dress color, suit color, hair color and often shoe color. Custom painting on figurines is a new trend that has recently taken off in the last couple years and the end is nowhere in sight for how customizable these figurines can be.
Beyond customization, be prepared to decide on traditional, funny, theme and style. While most figurines will offer a bride and groom, many new figurines give you the ability to have some story behind the couple. Go with a shared sporting interest or go with a bride dragging a groom. Whatever you choose, make sure you have the right story in mind when your guest and family get to see the top of your wedding cake.
Monogram cake toppers have been the hot trend for the last decade. What has changed with monogram cake tops is that you now can select between silver and gold, sprinkled with crystals or completely blinged out.
Before shopping for a monogram, decide on whether you want to go with a single letter or a trio of letters. Single letters are a great way to display that shared last name initial that you and your partner will soon share. You can also display a trio of letters, displaying your first initial, your partner’s first initial and your new shared last name initial.
After you have decided on which display of monogram to go with, you will have the option to choose from an array of crystal patterns along with amount. Choose from either going with a single silver pattern or add colored crystals to match your wedding colors. Both styles of monogram crystal patters are in and are a great way to take a traditional cake topper and let it shine.
Personalized cake toppers are another great way to have something unique and special to only and your partner. Before shopping, decide on what you want to have personalized. Personalized cake toppers are often made of crystal, acrylic or glass and the size will ultimately dictate what you have for space available for personalized messages.
Too often you will see that brides and grooms will go personalized but the lettering will look so small you won’t be able to see the message intended. Plan what you want to have said and have a sample created or have a computer image made to show you how it might look on top of your wedding cake.
Before the big day, make sure you have looked over the topper and make sure all the spelling and font styles are what you ordered. You would hate to have nothing on top of your wedding cake, but you would really hate if something was spelled wrong.
I hope these few purchasing tips helps you find that special wedding cake topper and that your big day goes off without a hitch.